Month In Review – April 2024

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Dear Observer reader, I’m running out of ‘witty’ ways to introduce the Month in Review again… So right, it’s that time when I, for the sake of those of you who read the newspaper on an irregular basis, (or really need the short version of the news) get to hear about what was hot in Hathian and surrounding areas in a bite-sized (Hopper friendly) digest. So here we go, the April 2024 digest; our month in review!

As a reminder in December we posted our Year in Review for 2023 and then in January gave you the first of the ‘Month in Review‘ series followed by February, and then March so dig in if you didn’t already!

It’s been another month and while some corporate asses nearly managed to murder me, I made it another month. Once again, long may that continue and because I survived April, you get to read the top three stories from that month. Of course there are many others, so do make sure you search and browse the Observer’s website.

In April 2024 we had 30 main articles published… It was a month of kidnaps, intrigue, clowns and one very odd tourism video from the Mayor. Here are your Editor’s top three for this month as well as honourable mentions!

Honourable Mentions

It was a quiet month for HPD protests in April, (unlike March) and instead we actually had HPD complain about former Dean Carly Cox absconding with their police cruiser. Not quite sure why they need to ask for help finding her. Everyone knows now about the Harlots’ sanctuary down near Bourbon. As well as a search for Carly, the HPD also put out a search for Tori (from the Yuugen) and a statement on the murder of an officer. Not by any means a quiet month for the HPD; just protests against them. Calm before storm and all that?

Zoey, (‘Z’) refreshed Prohibition and started to offer food (which was good) but perhaps the main attraction for me at least, was the fact that Acland was apparently there sometimes playing piano. Still haven’t managed to catch him, but Vive les Arts! The theme continued (kind of) with the results of the charity auction at the Hathian Museum & Galleries, where $45k was raised for the FDH in an auction.

The Observer itself sadly became the focus of news, when one of our journalists (who Stanley insists I must reinstate shortly – but hah, got this article in first!) was pegged as a human trafficker or at least an accomplice to some. He was caught attempting to get girls to go to different places in Hathian and the Backwaters. Newsflash: Journalists are not pimps or hookers. If you see one trying to be, report them to me!

Alice Crow – regular feature of this paper opened her new business near the HGH. Focusing on Chinese medicine, she has promised to turn a new leaf. Have you gone to visit her store? Let the Observer know your experiences! She’s also sending some stuff (Tea) to the reinvigorated Rub N’Tug… we’ve still got some vouchers for free massages, so send us your pictures as this article detailed and you could be under Star or Max’s caring hands before long.

Last, but by no means least, Viv from the Observer was caught in the middle of what appeared to be a struggle between the Rejects (boo) and the Yuugen (boo). Why these two powerful gangs can’t sort themselves out, we have no idea. They both think the paper is trash, so trying to get lies printed about each other in it… trash-trash?! Anyway… le sigh.

There were many other articles, so do check them out if you have time!

Number 3: All the Kidnappings (OdetteShellaEllie & Myself)

Don’t need to cover this one that much, we just finished our scoop on Raincoat, the ‘corporation’ that setup in an abandoned bunker and started to experiment on people. You can read the outcome of that HERE although we feel, that there is still more story to come in the future. With Ellie missing and other victims not named here recovering, can the scars and trauma ever heal? What happened to V, the so called leader in the bunker? Will she return? We advise all of Hathian to watch out.

Number 2: Dancing Nymph

Hathian is often dangerous and downright dark. It is really pleasing that Hrothgar and his nymphs have built somewhere that as far as we can tell is safe and doesn’t judge. I’ve been a few times now and while getting naked in front of strangers is bloody hard (and you don’t have to if you don’t want) it is also inhibition freeing. We’re all the same in so many ways, that sometimes our barriers and defensiveness can use the little help that nudity brings to help us relax a bit to life. Do visit the Nymph if you can, the owner schedules regular events in the City Events listings.

Joint Number 1: Clowns… Clowns… Don’t Send in the Clowns!

Well, it was those clowns again. They came in like a wrecking ball and well… wrecked the serenity and balance of Tala and Acland at the Hathian Theatre. Nuts and her compatriots caused a bit of carnage and some injury as they put on a show to remember (or forget). Subsequent statements from Acland and further investigation just showed how much damage had been done…


Joint Number 1: Mayor’s Tourism Video

Enough said… The Mayor has clearly been hoodwinked here, but well… it’s a damn good video either way and maybe… just maybe… it helps to keep the balance between gangs and the largest ‘gang’ in Hathian. Either way you can read more here

And that was all for April dear readers! Many thanks to Viv, Zofia, Carrie and others for their work, and thank you to anonymous citizen journalists as well. You are doing great work!

As always, catch a reporter in CU, Hathian or Backwaters (we visit as required!) to give us your stories, tips or other information!

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