Threat to ‘Purge’ HPD – Official Statement & Comment On Murder Of Jammal Baez

This town is being carved up.

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By: Daiyu Tang

Readers, I regret to announce (at least to some of you) that I am back. Mostly. It depends if I am meant to have all my faculties and extremities. Assuming I am meant to be as I was say, ten days ago, I am not. But never mind. Unless I had pictures of myself being tortured, I suspect you would wish me to skip onto the next horror in Hathian… And so I shall. It after all, never ends before my eyes.

When I was able to reconnect my phone after my recent ordeal I found I had been sent a very disturbing picture. The full image I cannot ethically reproduce but via the statement from Hathian PD below, you can probably visualise some of it. Once you’ve read their statement, I will provide a little more detail, context and yes, part of the image.

HPD Statement

Contact: Detective Sergeant Atsuko Nakayama

Date: April 10, 2024

For Immediate Release:

HATHIAN – It is with profound sadness that we announce the death of former Officer Jammal Baez.

The incident occurred on the morning of April 6th, 2024. Sergeant Atsuko Nakayama, while heading to her vehicle, noticed a man dragging a naked body. The man fled the scene before he could be apprehended.

Based on preliminary investigations, we believe the suspect to be Zeek Rookswood. The cause of Officer Baez’s death was a punctured heart. Tragically, he had been violated, and several names were carved into his back. Due to safety concerns, we will not be releasing the names at this time.

The Hathian Police Department is working tirelessly to bring the perpetrator to justice. We extend our deepest condolences to the family, friends, and colleagues of Officer Baez during this difficult time.

We urge anyone with information related to this incident to come forward and contact the Hathian Police Department.

“End HPD Rape Gate or I Will”

A fairly blunt and brutal message to accompany a photo of a deceased former officer and while I will not stoop (or get sued) to/by carrying the full image, the names carved into the back of the victim as well as a logo of a skull, perhaps a gang marking, or a symbol of a new group are worth exploring.

I appreciate that HPD said they would not share due to safety concerns, but my view continues to be that safety goes both ways. Some of these officers are or have been accused of serious crimes, while others may just be being scapegoated.






Some of these names have appeared before, we covered the ‘pig protest’ whereby at least the names of Ellis, Ziau and Naka were paraded through the streets by creepy clowns of the Circus. With the HPD statement blaming Zeek, a known member of the King Street and then the wide anger from some citizens for the heavy handed response to recent protests, there could be any number of individuals out to attack officers.

I’m aware that women can commit rape, but is Atsuko, the HPD spokeswoman really doing so? Or is she accussed of enabling it? If so why her, and why not Heckler? One could suggest that names are being added to this list out of more than just ‘targeting rapist’ and instead score settling. Or maybe I’ll be sent evidence otherwise.

Ziau-Adachi one of the named officers both on the victim of this article and previous Clown related protests. Also one of the original stories, although subsequently there has been disagreement on whether we actually abused the woman in question; his wife.

A Cycle

It has to be suggested (and I believe) that murdering anyone is wrong. I am however beginning to understand the perspective of some members of Hathian. Justice in their eyes is dead. Lady Liberty is literal – criminals whether in blue or in gang colours roam the streets after release and get their friends to make bail for them almost instantly. As long as the money is flowing in, the criminals flow out (gangs) or get richer (HPD), so it goes in the minds of some of Hathian.

Thus, perhaps violence in general could be prevented by mutually assured destruction. A Nuclear Doctrine if you like. For example: HPD brutalise a group and the group escalate back. Eventually one side resorts to murders in the view that it’ll make the other group cower.

There are problems with this – firstly, the plentiful supply of gang (and police) recruits. Secondly, mutually assured destruction is not one murder or two, it’s the elimination of an entire way of life and can any group do that? Third, the risk to the wider population is that détente is reached between say HPD and a particular group with the understanding that each other are off limits, but a third group is a free-for-all. That group would be us; citizens, my fellow reader.

Do you see where I am going with this? Unless we trust an unknown benefactor (Zeek? Clowns? Others?) to be benevolent after they’ve crushed HPD, then we may just be allowing the food chain to establish a dominant predator. For civilians, myself included, we’re like the non-nuclear armed country that will still get a share of nukes if fighting between superpowers breaks out and then be scavenged on after. Therefore we have to ask… is murdering vengeance against HPD in our best interests? Perhaps only, and only if, they eliminated the corruption in each other and replaced the actual law enforcement with something different? Maybe our anonymous contributor who suggested a civilian oversight board?

I wish you all the best readers and here is to hope that you aren’t caught in the events that are going on in our dark, dangerous town.

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