Month In Review – January 2024

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Dear Observer reader, in December we posted our Year in Review for 2023 and while we enjoyed giving you our top three stories each month, it was a lot to process (and write!) so starting in January and as long as Hathian doesn’t murder yours truly, we will be doing a monthly recap of our top three stories. Of course there are many others, so do make sure you search and browse our website!

In January 2024 we had 36 main articles published and then all the normal gossip and other things that fill our pages, along with advertisements, coupons and the like. Here are your Editor’s top three for this month!

Honourable Mentions:

We started with an HPD officer being murdered before eventually HPD admitted they had the wrong person and let Alice Crow go. The Comic Store, now apparently where a ‘reformed’ Tori works (lol) had a great reopening event and I’ll at least give them credit for a fair judge of the group prize! The Hoppers took a swim along with HPD by jumping/falling off cliffs near their church. Some angry citizen accused Dale (the FDH chief) of being a gang member (and many other things). Meanwhile wife of one of our columnists, Carly Pentewyn went ‘big’ on her time as Dean (her big libido also featured unsurprisingly) and the CU Volleyball season kicked off again.

Number 3 – The Circus Comes Calling

Well, we’d met Mr. Bob late in 2023 and since then a load of creepy things had been going on, not least of which were the prams and dolls that appeared around the city. The HPD and FDH burned them, but still it was a calling card… will someone come a’ calling though? We’ll see.

Number 2 – Hathian’s Next Top Model Crowned

Over in Delphine, the Hathian Museum & Galleries sought and eventually crowned out of thirteen or so entrants, the next top female and male model. Controversially, known angry man Nato won the smaller male pool with a clear victory, while Devi won the female pool in a close run competition with Estelle, Dakota and others. All the finalists should be congratuated!

Number 1 – Fighting Breaks Out Between Laveau & Hathian

Where to start with this… well, helicopter ride with Dale was great, but more seriously, some kind of brewing issues between the two neighbours led to:

All in all a lot of issues between the two areas, although it really does seem rather obvious who is behind it (considering one of the gangs was photographed at the scene!) the fact that they continue to be mostly alive and kicking suggests we’ve not seen the end of it.

And that was January readers!

As always, catch a reporter in CU or Hathian (or Backwaters where Viv has been recently) to give us your stories, tips or other information!

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