Missing Woman – Shella St. Marie

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By: Zofia Lewandowska

What has happened in the past few weeks? More people are missing or here. Shella is a friend of mine, she lives on campus in Columtreal with her friends. Unfortunately, we miss her and she hasn’t returned calls in days. She seems to be nowhere to be found. It’s feeling like another crime committed by the shadow forces that exist on, or around the Campus, Delphine or Laveau.

Her full name is Shella St. Marie, she works for FDH, her job is to save the lives and property of others, and she was last seen on campus. She has also featured as a model for Witch Way Alley and work in other places as well, with a wide circle of friends.

If you know anything about her whereabouts, please contact the police or the Observer.

Shella from her Witch Way Alley Photo
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