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Clothing Optional

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By: Daiyu Tang

Content Warning: Nudity ((No ICLY full front lower sex nudity for men or women as per Observer general policy! Images of guests / staff taken with consent, but unless you are familiar with them, you should not be able to ICLY identify them from these photos))

The Observer tries to attend most events held in Hathian. Whether it’s a rave, a charity auction or protests, you can usually count on one of our reporters being there. If you especially want coverage do reach out to us via our editor, offices or any other reporter you fancy and we’ll do our best to attend, take photos and promote you. We’re shortly going to be running a brief article on all our current staff, so you can get to know them a little better…

Anyway, back to the Nymph where Zofia and I had visited as part of their reopening event. You can read a little more about that HERE. Now we move onto a new event, let’s see what this one is like.

Clothed Male / Naked Female Event – CMNF

Hrothgar, the manager of the Nymph (which going forward I may have to refer to as the Nymphomaniac) had scheduled an event, where in an attempt to likely increase paying patronage he had deemed that women would receive free drinks in exchange for their modesty.

Now, in Hathian, there are some of us who are rather happy to wear skimpy clothes, but draw the line at total nudity. But some are happy either in general or as part of their paid employment to strip. No judgement.

In the spirit of the Nymph’s already known approach to create a safe space, where judgement and trouble is not welcome then for the interest of news, Zofia (and eventually myself) did in fact disrobe. Free drinks weren’t a bad incentive as well considering our lack of Observer Budget!

The event was well attended, both with staff and guests, including faces perhaps familiar across town and campus.

“Let’s Play a Game”

The manager Hrothgar livened the event with his staff by suggesting and managing party games that guests could interact with.

“Let us play a game… someone here kisses and or touches blindfolded Trixie. It can also be two people at once and if she guesses right who it is, the blindfold goes to another girl, if she guesses wrong, we give some kinky punishment and she has to try again!”


This game suggestion from Hrothgar went down very well with the guests and Trixie (pictured right) was happy to play, trying to guess which of the assembled men and women were interacting with her.

I was worried that this type of event (and the theme in general) would be considered exploitative and in some ways the idea of CMNF, in my view, cannot fully distance itself from an imbalance of gender power. But, I’ve seen it the other way round, and more importantly, Hrothgar has been clear that this is a safe space, with consent required for everything. His staff are well paid and aren’t forced to do anything they don’t wish to do. Therefore, I do feel, that in the wider scheme of Titty Twister, or various porn studios in town or other places, that the Dancing Nymph is far the better choice.


Having got naked for the first time in public (willingly), I thought I would be at best a completely shy wallflower. Some of you in Hathian might know that I do like to wear tight, black or sometimes even slightly revealing clothing, but I thought that the small bikini I wore last time would be it.

Having got naked, bruises and all… how did I feel? Still nervous, self-conscious… but I did feel a little bit sexy, although as you can see from our gallery below, everyone else was far more attractive…

Taxi’s to the location can be booked HERE and you can contact the manager Hrothgar ((Hrothgar Miller (hrothgarr) )) for any events you might want to arrange there.

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