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Hathian: 25/04/24

For Immediate Release: Statement from Mayor Bobby Boxer

Citizens of Hathian, it’s your Mayor Bobby ‘I made the Hathian Police Department bow before me’ Boxer. How are you doing?

Now, many of you may be wondering after my great success with the HPD, what I have been up to since then? Let me tell you, I’ve been working hard with some of the greatest creative minds in Hollywood to promote our fair city and surroundings. Why you ask? Because you can never have too many beautiful and desperate or rich and free spending people in the economy. When I need staff, or campaign finance I want to pick from the best and easiest!

Anyway, I’ve not yet watched this video, but I’m sure our creatives have done us proud so without further ado, behold the masterpiece that promotes Hathian. I am entirely sure it will show the City in a great light and surely focus on the strength of our institutions, the beauty of our environment, the class of our people and how we all work together to overcome our differences.

Remember, next time there are elections, vote Mayor Bobby Boxer. This video shows all that I have done for the City!

Mayor B.B.

Start a War

Hey… what the f… that’s not the creative brief! Wait… go back to 32 seconds… Yeah, looking good… *ahem* Titty Twister *is* a good source of tax revenue… Ah fuck it, Hathian will be what it will be, I’m still in charge, so come here and make me some tax dollars and if you’re lucky… you might just survive to keep some change for yourself…”

Mayor Boxer

OOC: Welcome New Players

If you are reading this, perhaps after seeing Teal’s amazing video and you want to know more about Crack Den, or want some help perhaps getting into it, then here are some amazing resources for you:

  • Our list of mentors, these are players who are available in-world (and sometimes via Discord) to get advice and help you settle in. You can find a list of official mentors HERE but our players are generally all friendly, so feel free to approach either ICLY if you feel confident, or OOCLY via a message to ask if you can get help, or join a scene
  • This website itself. The Hathian Observer is the In-Character (‘IC’) source of news across the regions of Hathian. Covering stories the player base ask for as well as ICLY investigating news rumours across the campus to write, you can use the search facility here to look for previous news; with an archive back to 2013 or so, there’s a wealth of information. Try a few tags like: Crime Stories, or HPD or Events to see what comes up. One of the jobs your character can do ICLY in Crack Den is write for the newspaper, so feel free to reach out to Daiyu Tang (faithtang Resident) if that might interest you
  • The Crack Den Forums are a source of business proposals and other material, you can find them at this link and can view first posts without an account, or register to contribute
  • Social Media (generally Twitter, but also Discord RP when timezones conflict) is part of the world, many players have social media accounts. You can find the Hathian Observer’s Editor HERE, Nadir the sim owner HERE, the current ‘official’ Hathian Police Department IC channel HERE, Tori, a fearsome gang leader HERE, and many more. Check our these accounts followers and then over time integrate your Twitter RP with them
  • Crack Den has a Discord to which you get access after roleplaying for a little on the sim, this is a great resource of photos, plot ideas, OOC banter and general fun. There’s no pressure to use it and no requirement to voice, so if you just want to keep an eye on things, that’s great as well
  • You can work a role ICLY in Crack Den, for example as a waitress, dancer, security guard, DJ, etc. Our official businesses are listed HERE along with the leads you can contact. You can also check out the mostly up-to-date yellow pages HERE, which list private business as well that may also be looking for staff, or provide a venue for you to visit

If you like events, Hathian and surrounding areas are full of them. We cover events in this newspaper ICLY and OOCLY there’s also the great event’s calendar found HERE.

There’s usually something for everyone, from events with live DJs, to educational classes and slice of life. Adult events are catered for, but there can also be sim-wide plots that really change the landscape.

OOC: Promoting Crack Den

For our existing players you can help promote the sim based on the amazing video by Teal Aurelia. There are quite a few things you can do, but two of the main ones are supporting new players at landing zones or on the sim and using social media and profiles to showcase CD.

  • Retweeting Nadir’s or Teal’s Tweets about the sim. Teal’s Twitter is here and her general YouTube is here, with the Flickr embedded link above. The particular tweet for the video is HERE
  • Volunteering as a mentor for any new players and proactive helping out around the landing zones of our sims. Use the CD Discord to speak to Poppy or other contacts to become an official mentor
  • Reaching out to new players you see around landing zones and helping them to have an initial story. I remember joining CD and having the Hoppers find my character and showcase good writing, good scares and then a link to more RP (HGH and HPD cases). Can you offer our new players your talent – reach out to them!
  • Keep using the Discord, Forums and Social Media to build a community and help support our active events
  • Update your profile picks to have all your normal RP limits and so on, but use the CD Banner or even consider uploading the images from this article to replace your profile picks pictures (see gallery below for full size)
  • Consider posts (without spam and in line with any SL requirements) on the Second Life Forums regarding RP, or other servers you might use. Encourage people to give it a try
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