Even The Observer Can Have Rats

Or Moles.

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By: Daiyu Tang (Editor)

As Editor of the Observer I usually have a role that I cherish; informing those of you discerning enough to read the Observer (hopefully everyone!) of the news around Hathian, Columtreal’s campus and from time to time the Laveau backwaters. Normally, news doesn’t directly relate to the Observer, unless it is about a journalist injured in their line of work, or perhaps our offices being redecorated by those handymen, the Rejects.

This time though it’s two slightly different, but very related matters.

Suspension of Journalist Credentials: ‘Baba’

Some citizens in Hathian may have come across a journalist for the Observer, based out of the Laveau area, but more often recently seen in Hathian. This individual, ‘Baba’ hereby has his journalistic credentials suspended for the period of 02/04/2024 to 16/04/2024 while matters that have been escalated to myself are investigated both internally as per the Observer’s policies and externally with the support of law enforcement. Citizens should be aware that if approached for stories, scoops, or conversations, then these are not part of any recognised Observer work.

(Note from Managing Owner: The Board of the Observer, represented by Managing Owner Stanley, has agreed a temporary suspension of the journalistic credentials of Baba for two weeks while further evidence is gathered internally and with the help of outside law enforcement support). ((This is IC only! Just to make it clear. Baba is a good RPer!))

Trafficking, Torture and Pornography – How a Hydra Made a Den it’s Own.

As part of an internal investigation before announcing this suspension it has come to light that via individuals such as Baba active ‘recruitment’ of women from Columtreal and Hathian to ‘The Serpent’s Den’ in Laveau may be occurring, in some cases aided or as part of work with ‘Wicked Studios’ also in Laveau.

These two locations, according to squeaks, may be linked to a group operating out of the ‘Serpent’s Den’, called Hydra (how apt), who we have reported on only very generically before as they have not hit our radar before.

Squeaking Rats

Rats tend to squeak and in my professional experience, those who are lower down whatever mucky ladder they are trying to climb tend to squeak frequently because they like to make people think they are more important than they are. They drop comments, they make passing references and when they do it in front of real journalists, well… stories develop.

The Observer is able to note that as well as potential recruitment in Hathian and beyond by individuals, like Baba, potentially lined to Hydra, that LSD deputies have been kidnapped and when eventually released (via either the Serpent’s Den, or Wicked Studios) that they have been mutilated. Now, what other crimes recently have involved the mutilation and skinning of women in Laveau? For those readers with a short memory, here are some links:

While the murders have stopped for now, after the suicide of two cultists, would it be beyond the realm of possibility that they were brainwashed followers of a cult based in plain sight?

Medical Report

“Part of the skin has been removed, left eye is gone, empty socket, left big toe: a big nail was hammered through the joint. the end of the nail on the other side is bent, so the nail is stuck. the toe is swollen, there is obviously an infection right hand: through the palm of the right hand, there’s another nail, bent at the back of her hand as well.”

An extract from a medical report of an law enforcement officer tortured by suspected Hydra members. Sound familiar with skin removal?

Can you Help?

If you have any tips to add to the squeaking of little rats, do send them the way of the Observer, or via the Laveau Sheriff’s Department. The Observer will update in due course about the outcome of our investigation into ‘Baba’s conduct.

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