Student Feared Abducted On Campus

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By: Daiyu Tang and Zofia Lewandowska

In a sign that the Columtreal Campus, often known as the safer part of the wider Hathian parish, may instead be succumbing to the ways of Gangs or other predators a student appeared to be abducted from the area, speaking fears for her safety.

On the 30th March 2024 a student by the name of Odette was live on her Insta where she was, at least around the Hathian area quite popular. The recording uploaded ended as:

“Heyyy fam, so I’m running to class, I’m deadass la–aay!”

From the clip we seem to see possibly some kind of gas around, some gasping and a scream before other figures appear and the phone stops recording. While campus cameras may have caught more, nothing else was easily discoverable to the Observer and we as you would expect, reported this to the proper authorities.

With CUPD apparently on the Easter break already, we reported this to HPD and logged the crime with officer Jackson who was nothing but a gentleman and seemed to genuinely care about the missing student.

We trust the HPD will gather CCTV from nearby areas and then, with luck, work out who abducted this young lady.

The Observer is aware of some trafficking between Hathian areas and the backwaters, some organisations have popped up a few times, but it is not clear that they are involved in this case. We will try and dig further.

With crime on campus being relatively low, this is clearly a shock for students. The Observer has left a request for comment from the new Dean and will update this article if we hear anything further.

Our reporter Zofia had this to say to HPD when we reported the crime: “Odette. She is good girl and she wants to be veterinarian. Help animals. She studies in Columtreal university. And she had to visit my clinic in early morning, but did now show up. So I called her, but nobody answered. Then I found this video.”

We hope that our prompt reporting to HPD, prior to this article asking for information will result in Odette being found safe.

If you have any information about the missing student then please contact the Hathian Police Department, officer Jackson. Alternatively, if you feel anonymity is required please contact either Zofia Lewandowska or Daiyu Tang.

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