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The Observer is pleased to run on behalf of the Hathian Theatre the following press release, which relates to the events of the 14th April. The Observer intends to cover this event in more detail in due course, but perhaps the apology below gives you some indication of the type of coverage you can expect…

With the Circus, Nuts and a new lady the Observer doesn’t recognise… well… Poor Acland and Tala. Stay tuned for the full story.

An Apology

We at the Hathian Theatre House wish to express our sincerest apologies for what had ultimately unfolded at the performance held on 14th April 2024.

The performance was, from what we had understood, to be a moment of levity amid the madness that unfolds on the streets almost daily. However it was in all actuality an attack, not only to the theater but to the cherished members of our audience. This will not stand. From here on, we shall strive to do better to screen those that wish to perform upon our stage and, as manager, I will personally examine whatever is set up for the accepted performances so that a disaster of this sort will not happen again.

The Theatre House shall remain closed until we are absolutely certain that it is safe to be inside. We shall make an announcement upon opening the doors once again. For those that had attended the performance, we are willing to refund the price of the tickets as well as include an additional $50 by way of an apology. Those that have been seriously injured during the performance, we at the theatre are willing to cover the cost of whatever medical bills are issued for injuries sustained during the performance.

For this grand offense, those of the Circus Maximus are prohibited from setting foot upon the property of the theater and choose to disobey at their own peril.

      —M. Acland Carriére
      Manager, Hathian Theatre House

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