Why So Serious? Maybe It’s The Blood

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By: Carrie Day

It’s been nearly a week since the Circus Maximus put on their first performance. Let me tell you folks, they sure know how to make an entrance! The show was held in the beautiful Hathian Theatre. It was truly a sight to behold to see the place with all the circus decor displayed. One could not help getting a real sense of euphoria, reminiscing to their childhood when they went with family and enjoyed the acts.

Satana, The Fire Dancer from Act One of Circus Maximus

Satana, the Fire Dancer from Act One

Act One was a wonderful display of FIRE! One of Hathian’s own came out bedecked as Satana and wowed the audience with an amazing display of fire spinning, dancing and even blowing fire in huge gouts above the audience! The faces of the audience members were in rapture as they watched the display, although a few might have felt they a bit too close to the action!

As we went on to Act Two, that’s when things might have gone a little awry. The next act was Nuts, the illustrious leader of the troop showing off her amazing knife throwing skills.

Tala Infinity, just before disaster struck

It was through out this act where it seemed people were getting just a little bit more entertained than they were counting on. Seemed the crew of Circus Maximus tried to bring as much laughter as possible and it seemed that the commotion may have ended up a distraction for poor Nuts and her last throw went awry and hot the Theatre manager in the stomach. The brave Acland stepped up the plate with the help of the Observer’s own Zophia and were able to bring the girl down and get her out to safety.

Nuts in position for the first knife to be thrown

The situation could have easily been gotten control of but unfortunately, Hathian Police department only opted to send one rookie officer and shortly after 2 female criminals attacked the group remaining behind when the Circus dispersed. This was a volatile situation that even before they arrived, should have been taken more seriously. Their inability to be prepared in this situation nearly cost the rookie’s life as well as an innocent bystander who tried to help.

Are you reading this HPD? We, the innocents of Hathian, demand better of you!

The Editor notes: Mr.Acland has a slightly different view of the events than our freelancer and we believe his quote reflects his position.

For this grand offense, those of the Circus Maximus are prohibited from setting foot upon the property of the theater and choose to disobey at their own peril.

M. Acland Carriére

In addition to the photos taken by our freelancer Carrie, the Observer also received various other shots and holds them in the gallery below.

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