FDH Chief – Looks Good In Green?

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The Observer has recently featured an article on the Heroes of the FDH. The article generated a lot of interest and we received an anonymous letter and links to digital photos claiming that our profile was missing some key information.

As readers may know, the Observer is staffed by both permeant staff and freelancers and while we have a strong editorial ethos, each member of staff is expected to pursue stories of interest to them. Thus one reporter may see a different angle than another and while we editorially try and connect the threads, we also welcome diversity in views. Noting that, we also invite citizens to submit their thoughts and articles, which subject to reasonable verification Stanley asks us to publish as part of Community Engagement.

So with that said, we now turn to the letter, which we should note before that the views in are those of a citizen, rather than the Observer and contain accusations and statements many of which cannot be backed up with facts.

A Concerned Citizens Writes:

The images above were provided with the submission. The Observer has the following thoughts:

  • There is no evidence that Dale is ‘psychotic’, this is a serious accusation requiring a medical diagnosis, something neither the letter writer or the Observer has legal access to. It would also be the case, that were such a diagnosis to exist it is highly unlikely that FDH would ignore it. This appears to just be character assassination and can be discarded
  • Andy is a well known KSB member. Vicus (a name tattooed on Dale) has appeared in the Observer in only one article related to the KSB, so we have no view on him (being a DJ at an event doesn’t make you a criminal) although law enforcement sources were hardly… dissuading on the link
Tattoo detail
  • It should be noted that while the Observer broadly is in agreement that it appears that Dale may have links with the KSB and is likely a member, we state that no evidence has come to light that the Chief has acted against the interests of Hathian in discharging his emergency service duties.
  • Our Editor, Daiyu Tang, has seen his bravery first hand in dealing with Laveau bombings and he has provided fire prevention advice to many businesses (including the Observer) fairly, impartially and even if those businesses might have links to other groups, or be KSB potential ‘enemies’

Assuming that the letter writer is correct on one point – the KSB membership, does this automatically follow that all the rest is true?

The answer must be no and likely indicates sour grapes from one of the other Hathian factions, seeking to undermine Dale’s position. While the Observer cannot endorse gang membership and the KSB have some awful crimes to their name, is it so hard to believe that Dale can wear two hats? Condemn him for the membership or any crimes he is truthfully guilty of if you will (And the Observer does), but not the charge against his duties with FDH as there’s simply no evidence. Many of you have been saved by FDH and Dale. Long may that continue.

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