Clowning Around

Reader, a brief update on a scene I happened to be walking past at the Gein Restaurant on the 31st of January 2024. Some of you may have read our article on Mr. Bob and his ‘Circus’, or you may more recently have come across some creepy plans and the rather unsubtle message ‘The Circus is Back in Town’ which we also featured.

As I walked past the Gein I couldn’t help but see that some kind of fight was going on inside and with Hathian PD already outside in the form of the Atsuko I stopped on the way to class at CU to take a few photos.

Whether Atsuko’s vehicle or her own person is scarier is an open debate

Inside Gein I saw a scene of some chaos, it looked like Estelle on the floor injured. Treating her it seemed were ex-Observer journalist, but still Mr. Hathian, John and someone we understand to be called Nelson. In the corner, perhaps involved in the injury of Estelle was a woman the Observer doesn’t know holding a knife and shouting loudly (although from my position I couldn’t hear the words). She was also facing off against Mr.Bob, the clown from our previous articles.

All in all it looked a bit messed up and being late for class it wasn’t really the right time to go intrude on someone’s injury, or Atsuko’s likely desire to ‘lay down the law’.

I’ll try and update this article with any HPD statement or if we’re able to speak to Mr.Bob again, details of what happened and who was responsible. My money is on him and the knife girl and Estelle being collateral damage, but she’s been injured recently… so it all seems a bit unfair to her…

Gein Security? Not doing a good job if so… Mr Bob and just behind the beefcake’s left arm, the girl with the knife
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