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A Manifesto For Hathian?

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Foreword: Daiyu Tang

It’s not that often that we get new ‘good guys’. We get plenty of bad guys (who announce they are bad) and we get plenty of bad guys doing things they think are good, but are actually wrong or evil. Sometimes we get a lone idealist who tries to rally us around a flag with the promise of a change. More rarely we get a group that might seem to be acting for the wider good (vigilante style) but may often fizzle out or more likely be blown out by the bigger powers in our town. Sometimes we have no idea what we’re getting… or we just get weirdos.

I do believe in my two years here that this might be one of the ‘good’ groups with potential. One where their manifesto and commitment seems reasonable and is backed up by individuals who seem credible.

Some of you will be aware that the King Street are sending threats around against HPD officers for the long standing grievances they have, the situation with former Chief Warrhol and the well documented abuses alleged to have taken place in the HPD basements. What makes this new group surprising, is that as far as we can tell, they are not King Street related, but instead share some of their aims, albeit not with the directly provoking and threatening violence over Twitter or around Hathian that Zeek and others are doing.

So with both the list of names circulating, officers being murdered on a regular basis and now with a new Group, is perhaps the HPD on the backfoot? Will they consent to changes in the face of threats and violence. I am not a betting woman, but I’d have to say they won’t. Ouroboros.

The Manifesto – Hathian Against Corruption (‘HAC’)

To the People of Hathian,

We stand at a precipice of injustice, where those tasked with protecting us have become the very agents of our oppression. The Hathian Police Department (HPD) claims to uphold the law, but beneath their badge lies a dark underbelly of corruption, brutality, and disregard for human dignity.

We, The Hathian Against Corruption (HAC), refuse to remain silent in the face of tyranny. It is our duty to expose the crimes committed by the HPD and demand accountability for their actions. Below are just a few of the egregious offenses perpetrated by individual officers:

  • Officer Charles Bolo: Multiple accounts of excessive force against unarmed civilians, including minors and elderly individuals. His unchecked aggression has resulted in severe injuries and trauma within our community, including inducing a miscarriage.
  • Sergeant Cade Morgan: Physical and sexual torture of inmates at HPD.
  • Detective Jaina Johnson: Flagrant disregard for due process and constitutional rights, routinely engaging in unlawful searches and seizures without probable cause. Her actions have eroded trust in law enforcement and undermined the very fabric of our democracy.

These are but a few examples of the rot that pervades the HPD. For too long, they have operated with impunity, shielded by a system that values authority over justice. But we refuse to accept this status quo any longer.

Our demands:

  • A public apology from Julian Heckler, outlining a clear reasoning why The Hathian Police Department has been operating in such a manner under his watch.
  • Immediate termination of those officers named above (Unless Dead already – Ed)
  • Sweeping reforms of the running of the Department, including limitations of officers rights to firearms.

If we do not receive these demands, then it will be our cause to expose the network of secrets and and perversions of human rights.

We call upon the people of Hathian to join us, HAC, in solidarity against police brutality and oppression. Together, we will hold the HPD accountable for their crimes and demand sweeping reforms to ensure that our community is truly served and protected. In solidarity, Hathian Against Corruption (HAC)


The HAC has sent the Observer Proof of certain HPD crimes. We intend to follow due process and ask the HPD for comment prior to publication.

What do we think? Well, having another set of citizens targeting the HPD with a manifesto doesn’t sound the scariest thing, but something tells me that this is a Group that can act on their warnings and do it without involving the gangs.

If I was in the shoes of the HPD? Maybe firing a few corrupt officers, issuing an apology and having some reforms? Might be a way to keep doing the job they ‘love’, while also keeping people everywhere alive. But what do I know, I’m just a newsgirl.

Stay tuned for more news on HAC and the HPD response soon…

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