Masked Vigilante Patrolling Hathian?

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Perhaps the Hathian Emergency Services aren’t enough to compete with a vigilante in tights?

That’s right, there is a masked vigilante running around Hathian’s streets and rooftops claiming herself to be one of many ‘Superheroes’ that hide among us in our everyday lives. The ‘Superhero’ I got to speak with is known as simply “Bones”. She surmised that “…the people of Hathian have a duty to protect their city, and those us brave enough will rise as heroes…”

Is it true? Are superheroes not just comic book fantasies? Perhaps we’ve had superheroes living among us all this time and only know have them stepping out into the face of the public? Is “Bones” truly a superhero, an anti-hero, or a super villain?

‘Bones’ has been sighted all over Hathian with a modified broomstick attacking gang members, drug dealers, and delinquents alike. If you have, or somebody you know has, information regarding the masked vigilante, “Bones”, call the police and aid them in bringing this woman to justice.

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