The Scarlett Hand – Unmasked?

Kidnappings, auctions, violence. For what end and who controls the strings?

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by Girl Behind the Lens – Daiyu Tang

Introducing why the ‘Hand’ is a dangerous group

Dear readers, let me tell you a bit about one of our latest Hathian mysteries. Many of you will now be aware of the ‘Scarlett Hand’ and I thought that since Halloween had passed and the individual or individuals were still around that it might be time to give them a little bit of a spotlight. So, join me as we recount a little bit of the Hand’s origin and see where perhaps a series on this individual (or group) might take us.

It was September the 10th when the ‘Scarlett Hand’ showed up on Twitter… Was this an unusual occurrence? Well, no… Besides from their interesting choice of name, (Scarlet is the colour, Scarlett is a name) they posted content typically associated with certain types of Hathian individuals; promises of revenge, powers of retribution that kind of thing. Interestingly, there were some early ‘bites’ here with even the Observer’s own Joanne Steel engaging with the Hand to talk about people she believed had wronged her (full disclosure, Ms. Steel was going through a breakdown at this time). Never-the-less it was mostly sarcasm and citizens stating they didn’t need someone unknown to do their own work for them.

However, over the next week or so the Hand implored citizens to contact him/her/them in a mix of sassy Twitter responses and pleas for targets for violence. After a week or so, on the 25th of September the Hand announced that they had captured someone, ‘auctioned’ them and then punished them. This has now continued all the way into December 2022. Three months of terrorising the population, auctions of women and men continuing with sometimes small breaks perhaps as citizens, HPD or even gangs got in their way, although never seemingly able to stop them. The Observer reviewed their auctions and listed them for you below. Does this not make you angry that HPD and others haven’t stopped them? Why should we always be unsafe…

The unknown recent female victim
The most recent Scarlett Hand victim (at the 6th December 2022)

So, Hathian, are you ok with this?

:::Breaking Update::: – 7th December –

This story is fast moving, the Observer was made aware that on the 7th December, Cade Morgan of the HPD apprehended the so called ‘Russian Racoon’ that had also been photographed in previous auction photos. In an apparent sting operation, HPD was successful in capturing the middleman. As a breaking story, by the time you read this, well, who knows where everyone will be! The Observer understands that the man is called ‘Yuri’ but other than this we have no further details to share except that he has been involved in the drop-off of auction winners and other tasks.

What we know about the hand

Now, this is a group that is secretive by definition. Although they have posted a few more revealing photos recently, with their masks and lair-style location, not that much can be gained from their social media. They’re *not* that stupid… Let’s compare them against their opposition, the HPD officer Carole King who setup a ‘nerve centre’ to investigate and stop them. Whether or not she has had some success isn’t clear as we’ve not seen a comment on her public profile since the 14th November…

Carole King in HPD with her Scarlett Hand 'nerve centre'
Carole King in November in her ‘Nerve Centre’

So, if the police are still working at this (and at least two of them have been captured and auctioned) where does that leave us… Well we think we can hopefully shed some light on who might be behind these attacks and then if you know them, well perhaps you can be aware…

Now, the Observer does responsible journalism and tries to ensure that all the fact(s) are proven, and everything is as good as it can be, but with a group like this, some of our evidence has come from second or even third hand advice, coincidences and potentially unreliable sources. There appears to be matters of love involved as well as potential gang related disputes.

Are the Hand warriors for justice?

It should be noted that most of the victims have been HPD officers. The Observer does not condone violence against Law Enforcement, but with the level of heat against HPD from the defund protests through to various other activities more recently, it should be said that some might see the Hand as performing a form of ‘street justice’ back against HPD for all the times (alleged) that HPD has injured, hurt or otherwise attacked without cause Hathian citizens.

Our straw poll on the street indicated some level of support for this strategy which while shocking itself in terms of willingness to condone violence, also reinforced the level of angst that ordinary Hathian citizens have against HPD. Our journalist Daiyu Tang recorded a clear majority in favour of what the Hand were doing with some commenting that ‘there were still big fish left to catch’. We at the Observer can think of a few not yet on the list above, but as noted throughout this article, violence and auctions of humans are not something we support. So noting that, let’s review the evidence…

Our potential suspects… Tori – Former Leader of the Koga or the Daughtery family…

The Observer, via our reporter Daiyu Tang has received information about two potential Groups. We review and contrast the evidence below.

Evidence for the Daughtery Family being involved

General suspicions aside, supported by watching the social media of victims of the Hand, our main break came about through an unusual détente between our reporter, Daiyu Tang and one of the groups in Hathian she has had a difficult relationship with, the King Street Bones. Now, as noted above one of the victims of the Hand was a KSB member and it’s perhaps with this lens as well as some further detail noted below that we received a lucky break. We want to tell you about the Daughtery’s and our evidence that they might well be behind some of this. potential angles to cover, let’s present what we’ve got:

Daiyu met with the leader of King Street on the 29th November when she saw Camden taking out the ‘trash’ at the Slab. Daiyu tells us that she agreed to an interview in the Observer offices on the request of Camden which, out of courtesy for a town leader she didn’t record. Since the 29th, we’re aware of the Hand stepping up again as noted above, but when Daiyu met with Camden

Camden Fabers: “Do you know of the Scarlet Hand on twitter? You know, the ‘anonymous group’ kidnapping folks and auctioning them off on social media like the FBI doesn’t exist online? I know who’s behind it…if you’d like to chat about it…”

GBTL – Daiyu Tang: “I know the Scarlett Hand, I know they can’t spell Scarlett for a start… I’m writing them up, but since they went quiet, I was assuming someone had got to them… Went onto the back burner… There’s always bigger dangers in the sea than someone or some people posting on public Twitter, right?”

GBTL when we spoke with explained her rationale for speaking to Camden and also for investigating. She doesn’t agree with so called ‘vigilante’ justice. While her faith in HPD cannot be said to be full, she brings with her respect of the police in her hometown of London as well as a belief that two wrongs don’t make a right in nearly all circumstances. Irrespective of the so called ‘crimes’ of the victims, nothing justifies slavery and auctions. They are wrong and have no place in Hathian, a stance that the Observer also agrees with.

Camden: “Oh it’s possible to expose them. I have all of their names, and even a state ID of one of them. Do you know of that Irish family that skulks around town? Daughtery? Let’s see, there’s Braeden, Blaine, perhaps the alleged leader, Louise, Rose, someone named ‘Light’ and someone named Matt, and Murphy. They kidnapped a couple of my people or handled part of the kidnappings and other bad things. “One of mine said they put her in a large glass cage like in that Netflix show, ‘You‘. They pumped in random smells of death… Nuku was also taken, but that was on Twitter so you can see that for yourself.”

GBTL showed the board for this article the ID card for one Lidia Daughtery that she had been given, apparently from a thwarted kidnapping or other interaction between the KSB and the Daughtery family (or should that be a hand?)

Daiyu: “I’ve met I think a couple of them, Lidia I think yes, maybe Braeden, but not the others… we might just not cross paths but yeah, at least a few of them. But why would they attack you and do this whole Twitter auction nonsense? I mean… it seemed original as a way of raising funds, or at least semi-original, but now they’re picking fights with established groups? So, an ID card, some witness testimony… I also have worked with Einar on this and a few others, I can cross-check with them?”

Camden:They were targeting my heavily injured Slab manager out front of the projects apartments, likely because he was an easy target seeing as he was on crutches. They wore masks and had baseball bats. Obviously, we fought them off and it didn’t work out so well for them. I got Lidia’s mask off, dislocated her shoulder, and she fled with Murphy. But she left her wallet, and her brother’s business card was also inside of it. Because they’re idiots kidnapping in a disguise but with their documentation on them. But I don’t think they realized who they were really targeting, until after they failed at that attempt. But they definitely understand now.

GBTL let us know that also present in the interview was Eva Kaufman, who she also referred to as Eva Hopper. She advised us that certain details were matched with Eva although for the purposes of the veracity of the article noted that Eva and Camden appear to be in a relationship.

On the 15th of December, one of the Secret Santa presents blew up in the Observer offices. Unfortunately, Daiyu’s ID card proof of Lidia has gone missing in the blast, preventing it being passed as evidence to HPD or elsewhere. The Observer trusts that she did see it, but without a copy being available it is certainly unfortunate. Very.

Working the extended contacts – Einar

With a piece of physical ID, Daiyu then worked her contacts who had had previous with the Scarlett Hand. For a while, she had been discussing with Einar Rolfson, the investigator and local businessman. She informed us that around the 29th September they started discussing the first kidnap, but that the details had been unclear. Daiyu remembered telling Einar about new people around town on Einar’s request, although most of the new people she found he dismissed as potentially involved. Daiyu showed us a text from Einar on the 30th October where he discussed the fact he’d shot one of the Hand after they had snatched his wife and then tried to arrange a trade, her for him. Apparently, he had been selected to “be punished” which does fit the stated aims of the Hand from their Twitter posts. In November Einar let our reporter know that he had perhaps arranged a sting operation against the Hand, but sadly it didn’t seem to come to fruition. Never-the-less in late November, Daiyu showed us this exchange over text message:

Daiyu (By Text Message): “I might have a lead on the Scarlett Hand properly… what if I had an ID card from one of them?”

Einar (By Text Reply): “Yeah, Daughtery”

Daiyu: “Yeah, that’s right… should we pool our knowledge?”

Einar: “There isn’t much for me to add. I know Braedon is the one that tried to abduct Loki. And that Lidia has been involved, but I’m trying to get her away from them. HPD already knows about the Daughterys…”

Daiyu: “They do? Done anything about it have they!?”

Einar: “It’s not official info, but Landon knows. No idea who he’s told though…”

So now Daiyu had an ID card, a third-party unprompted link to the Daughtery family and then a further name… Landon. She dug some more with other named sources, namely Nuku Fabers and then Corporal Fyre himself.

Catching up with Nuku and asking Landon the question

Our reporter spoke with Corporeal Fyre and asked him why if he knew who was behind the Hand, why action had not been taken. The Corporeal referred us to this statement, which he then updated once news of the arrest of the Yuri had happened.

Corporeal Fyre: “We can’t trust all the speculation we read on twitter, there’s a necessity for proving a person’s guilt before charging them. But now we have one in custody, the others will shortly follow.”

Finally, via the medium of a quick interview with Nuku Fabers, again after the capture of Yuri. Nuku, one of the victims of the Hand was spotted outside her business, the Clam.

Daiyu: “Wonder if you might want to talk, see if the Hand can collapse now their errand boy has been caught by HPD? I wondered what you could, or would, tell me about your experience and whether any of the Daughtery family were present?”

Nuku: “Can’t say I saw any of the Daughterys were there at the time I was, but considering I was sedated when I was handed over to them I’m not surprised”

Daiyu: “I see.. would there be anything that you’d feel might nudge the balance of evidence towards them? What do you want people to know… why are the Hand shits? Is there anything I can add that would make that point, besides the drugging and auction and stuff in the public domain already?”

Nuku: “Come to think of it, one of the dudes that had pull me from the cage to put me on the table looked similar in body to Landon, couldn’t see ether of there faces cause of the masks and the fact the cops never even tried to talk to me about it even if it was out there on twitter is seeming a bit odd, maybe that’s why its taken so long? The dude who did the auctioning called himself Yuri…”

Our reporter doesn’t think Landon is actually playing two sides here, but there are other tall and muscly men in Hathian, but with Landon likely ruled out and clearly Camden ruled out she then had Mu brought to her attention… and with Mu came a link to Tori as will now be explained…

Evidence that Tori might be involved

After attending an impromptu interview our reporter was also presented with evidence that potentially Tori, the ex-leader of the Koga might be involved, possibly explaining why certain individuals have also attempted to put Brandie, current Koga leader on the side of the ‘Hand’ (For example refer to HPD’s investigation photo above as well as a recent marriage between Brandie and one of the Daughtery family). Could it be a case of sour Grapes? Tori has been pretty sour on social media about the direction of the Koga when pressed and she’s also made comments about Nuku disappearing as well as insult the King Street. Comments such as this, which close members of her entourage say is completely out of character are also rather suspect, “Either way, someone has to put a bullet in these fuckers’ heads. What they are doing is just so wrong!”

Daiyu also showed us this message, but asked us to redact the source for their own protection:

“Nuku was captured by that group which consists of Tori, Mu and Takeshi Adachi. I believe Xena was also tied in here. Once they finished assaulting her she was sold on.”

Finally, our reporter was able to gather some purported sightings of Tori’s group around or associated with these auctions. Again no photographic proof has been obtained, but Daiyu suggests that some of the captives who she has not managed to interview may share this view.

Some of the known associates of Tori, agreeing to the above have also been identified by other information brokers in the town as potentially connected to the Hand, but in terms of concrete proof, there is somewhat less evidence than presented for the Daughtery family. However Twitter is full of discourse and banter between them, so as a Group, it’s highly likely, although whether they are the Hand, the Observer does not believe the case is yet fully made.

Tori – potential suspected Hand member / leader – Photo via a dating app


With HPD moving on this case it may be the case that we see a break through from law enforcement, however it could also be the case that information fed to our reporters is from an angle or agenda to put one group or another in trouble. For example while the Daughterys aren’t a ‘formal’ gang similar to the Rejects or whatever, they may well have a power base that threatens other groups leading to these potential rumours or ‘muck’ being spread. Tori, the known Twitter agitator has the means and associates to pull this off and perhaps have muck spread on her rivals as again she is no longer formally operating a gang.

As our reporter has discovered, while there is evidence against both parties, although more easily accessible (after significant work) against the Daughtery group. As a reputable newspaper we noted that our reporter, Daiyu Tang felt that there was merit to continue investigating Tori and that there still remains an element of doubt, never-the-less, we felt it was the right time to publish as the activities of the Hand continue to drive forward, meaning risk to citizens, irrespective of who is actually behind it.

At the end of the day, although our judgement may swing one way or the other, as always our readers will need to take their own steps (if they wish) to find out more. We hope though that this article has helped you become aware of this threat and then consider perhaps who might be behind it. Happy Holidays!

HPD Officer Jayden naked on a table
The Hand’s latest Victim (As per Twitter). Our Reporter Daiyu Tang wishes to confirm the details, although we’re not sure how.
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