New Group (Deja Vu Much?) – Will They Strike Fear Into Hathian?

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By: Daiyu Tang

Dear Readers, what is it this week with odd letters and then odder groups. Whether it’s the potential weirdo who wrote in about Ogun’s Disciples or the somewhat cracked Baba stealing eggs this week has been ‘interesting’. Hot on the heels though of Ogun is this, a brief look at another potential group or cult, that may or may not be behind some crimes in the city.

Our journalist Zofia is busy investigating a particular brutal attack on a young woman where some of her skin was removed and apparently someone took a bite out of her. Left on the scene, some kind of manifesto or pamphlet that contained disturbing statements that a new threat might be around Hathian.

In any case, while we wait for further details of the particular crime mentioned above to be written up, here is what I’ve managed to research from interviews, Google and walking Hathian looking for signs. With an apparent logo left on the manifesto, it’s hard to separate fact from fiction and I caution, as always, that one random attack in Hathian does not make a large scale threat. We’re all used to the randoms…

Pueri Noctis – the Children of the Night

“An enigmatic cult, believed to be a modern incarnation of a group that followed blood rites and occult practices, casts a pall of fear over once vibrant streets. Motives remain elusive and any actions they may take are unpredictable, yet their influence permeates and tokens of their coming may be left for all to see…”

Research in the CU Library

Readers, the logo matches, but what does that mean in this kooky city? I could research the old occult fads or the dark stories that permeate Laveau or Hathian parish and come up with a logo. I could assault someone (maybe if I got the jump on them and they were really weak?) and leave a ‘cult’ token so that fear might increase… Until we see more evidence, then in Hathian we already ‘live the worse’, so why ‘assume the worse’?

A Warning

Found at the scene of the attack on the woman, who thanks to prompt medical intervention, lived, this letter, caked in old blood contains their chilling threats.

I don’t know readers, maybe I’m jaded. I’ve seen Clowns, I’ve seen Hoppers and I’ve seen cult murders in the backwaters, also with masked men and women torturing others. I would suggest that now is not the time to cry wolf about a new ‘big bad’, but keep your eyes on the Observer, we’ll let you know if we find more…

((Bloody paper image attribution Image by kjpargeter on Freepik))

((NB. Not an official faction – group of players, identify verified!))

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