GBTL x Brassed Off (Formerly Heckling The Brass)

How much for a life? How much to send a girl to hospital? Apparently, not something that a former HPD Detective would do...

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Our Editor's impression of the new HPD Captain Julian Heckler. (Daiyu, is everything Goth for you? Stop this shit - Stanley)

(Editor’s note: This article was withdrawn from our online edition and then updated on the 25th June 2023 to be republished as you’re now reading it. Why was it withdrawn? Well, firstly I need to say that the pea-brain lady who works for HPD; an officer ‘Velez’ can go twist. Only someone with a complete lack of mental agility tasers (in the lobby of HPD!) an unarmed reporter who simply asked to have a message passed onto the NOW HPD Captain. If HPD want to employ mindless criminals who think putting citizens in isolation instead of you know, passing on a message is a good idea… then the new captain has a lot of work to do to achieve good (or bad) not just moronic outcomes for the wider department.

‘Officer’ “shoot first” Velez – ((Image Credit: DarkStalker Darkfold))

I should however mention thank you to the actually kind officer who brought me water while I stewed handcuffed in isolation. So it’s a sad world that reporters have to set half finished articles to self-publish in case HPD decides to go a bit crazy. I had perhaps just been a bit spoilt with decent officers recently, who at least had the time of day to listen to me. Right anyway reader, now I’m out of isolation and have met with the HPD Captain I can update this article… Read on… read on…)

Let’s Recap: An Investigation

Hathian is no stranger to corruption accusations against various parts of our public services. Sadly, corruption whether it’s missing rebuilding funds, HPD officers using citations to fund themselves, or just general brutality from those in power (often in HPD) are everywhere (and listed countless times in our archives just search it…).

Not all corruption floats to the surface. Some sinks and is washed away in the rains without hitting the light of day. Some however becomes a larger issue where the stench becomes too large to hide and something changes.

So as I said originally readers, I have been busy (although now as I reflect on the 25th, I don’t think I’m finished being busy)! So what on you ask?

HPD acting as a private hit squad…

Well, it could all be jealously from those injured by officers and HPD Brass would claim that at least one of the main witnesses is a ‘gangbanger whore’ (not quite sure why someone’s libido weighs against them) with a rap sheet a mile long. But I guess readers, when you’ve been around the town about and around HPD you might find yourself on their systems a bit (and not always truthfully – I speak from experience). So in my view, it doesn’t matter much what you are, but what facts and evidence you have in the moment.

So what evidence did this witness to potential corruption; potential commissioned violence have?

  • That a certain former Detective and now senior leader can be approached to commission violence against individuals. Were this to be true, the fact that the individual is now the HPD Captain would likely make him even more dangerous
  • That a certain gang member of the Rejects is bragging about commissioning said individual prior to their promotion
  • That it’s claimed ‘widespread’ knowledge that this HPD individual is both violent and able to be bought

Of course all of the above are the word of a few people who directly or indirectly heard some of this. Apparently bragging in HGH loudly is the hallmark of the particular Reject member.

So when you have some witnesses and a bragging gang member, well… it’s worth investigation. Also, things have a habit of becoming fact in town; if enough people repeat a lie or a potential truth, it starts to grow legs and there were definite legs to the rumour that the now (I only learned this today) Captain involved here, might have pushed his way up with some unsavoury tactics. Will becoming brass change him? Hmm… he was certainly smooth in the interview he finally granted (after his minion had tasered me and thrown me in isolation for asking to meet with him!).

A badge is meant to protect, not have a price list associated with it.

I wondered if the officer is open to commission from all the gangs? Well so far only Jack from the Rejects has boasted of this in public and my sources tell me that the Koga have no link with this officer. This leaves the Bones and Yuugen and while the rumoured alliance between the Rejects, Bones and Yuugen might indicate they’d have the same modus operandi, my research indicates that paying an HPD officer to do their dirty work isn’t really the style of either of those gangs.

Dirty Cop Rising To The Top?

So, for those of you who read the earlier version of this article you will have heard me talk about Captain Heckler (although I didn’t know he was a captain then!). For myself, the man had only crossed my radar once or twice where he warned me about a potential threat to my safety.

Well, if our sources were to be believed, Heckler used to offer (and may still do now he has all the power of HPD behind him) a service whereby for a price, he’ll send someone to hospital. Your friend, your brother, your sister… indeed recently a young woman was sent to the hospital by the Detective who was not operating on any form of police business and instead, if sources are to be believed was working under instruction from Jack…

We’ve had dirty cops before, we always will, but I’ve caught flak from trying to see both sides; that there is good in HPD and bad. Sometimes the pendulum swings quite far one way and we take action (see the basement predator article link above) and more often than not, those cops who have shown kindness and a sense of decency (Shout out to Atsuko, Della, Bella, Bentley and others…) get crushed by the weight of Hathian shit – poor Bentley for example.

I wouldn’t put it past the Rejects to try and undermine HPD with these type of loudly stated pieces of gossip, but at the same time, Jack… well… he’s no Paige or the old man… Does he have the smarts for this?

Let’s see what Heckler says and considering he has warned me before (i.e. protecting me) maybe he’ll have a plausible reason for these accusations (and the documented injuries we have seen at the Observer).

Captain Heckler’s Response

Cpt. Heckler:So let’s start from the begging here. The majority of your first article is factually incorrect. I met Jack once, in the Rader parking lot when I was investigating a murder that had nothing to do with the rest of the article, at no time have I ever received payment, and certainly not instruction from that piece of shit. Furthermore, when I went looking for him following this article, I discovered he’s been in a hospital in Atlanta in a coma for several months, so how he was paying me while a vegetable is quite a conundrum now isn’t it?”

Daiyu: “Well, I won’t be able to prove that one way or the other…”

Cpt. Heckler: “So in effect one of your witnesses claims that Jack told her this wild tale about me being a paid hitman. Do you think a paid hitman would be the captain of the HPD?”

Daiyu: “Do I think someone would be the captain of the HPD and a hitman… I’ve heard and seen crazier stuff in the town to be honest… I mean…I’m not a complete idiot? The more senior you are here, the more you can do and that could include anything….The Observer has covered that extensively both while I’ve been here and before… so… may we dispense with facts for a moment and talk truth for a while? You’re all polite and this and that and maybe this article has done you a temporary injustice, or maybe it’s skirted a truth and not landed on it!”

Cpt. Heckler: “The truth… Ms. Tang, is that you are taking the word of a known liar and whore at face value. I really thought the Hathian Observer was not a tabloid but a legitimate newspaper. I read it often and enjoy it. You mentioned yourself I once stopped to warn you of a threat on your life. If you think these gangsters out here, who base their entire lives on deceit are good sources for news articles, you should take a look at yourself. You’re better than that, and you and I know it, I mean that as a compliment.”

We discussed further matters and I probed and tried to find a little more out, but the fact of the matter in my view is that you can become the Captain of HPD and be somewhat good, or you can be bad. But you can’t become it without being smart and after a stay in isolation I wasn’t at my best.

I didn’t know… I mean I assumed, but I can’t print on assumption. Therefore for the time, the Observer is on record as saying – we have no evidence that Heckler was commissioned by Jack or takes bribes to cause violence.


Well, second time lucky for this article. It’s still not finished. I guess what I am telling you readers is that:

  • There’s a new HPD Captain
  • That Julian is smart, smells of danger, whiskey and intrigue
  • That it’s possible he wasn’t involved prior to his promotion with a specific case of Reject initiated crime OR that he was, but there won’t be more proof forthcoming
  • That citizens must be careful around HPD. It was typical of the institution that one officer injured me while one officer spoke with me; on the same matter

We’re not a tabloid newspaper here, or at least I try not to let us be – but I’m going to be watching out here and if you, Citizens, want to tell me something that might bring this article to a final closure then you know where to message me. All information greatly recieved.

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