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‘Sin to Win’ – Part 2 of the Hathian ‘Hunger Games’

When citizens were tested to see if they would break to the will of Tori and her degenerates...

Readers… It’s Girl Behind the Lens, Daiyu Tang here again with the conclusion (for now) about Tori’s twisted testing of Jordan, Joshua, Em, Emily, Bentley and myself. In this article, read a brief synopsis of the final ‘rooms’ that we were thrown into and what our choices were and then read a little about some disturbing things we’ve heard recently about a new ‘game’ coming.

As a reminder, you can read the first part of this article HERE ((and you can read the unabridged, but formatted as a script event transcript HERE – once again thank you to Bentley)).

“I hope what you did just then haunts your dreams for eternity, every time your eyes close you see that scared woman’s face, hear her voice pleasing as she tried to get you to understand she was a person too, told you she had a family who loved and cared for her.”

Bentley to Josh after room 4 – ‘A life for a life’

Let’s continue then readers as we, together, can relive the event and hopefully help me heal at the same time as helping you understand some of our decisions and feelings as we played the games.

((A new game run by Tori is scheduled for Saturday 20th May. See the CD Forums for rules HERE))

Room 4 – ‘A life for a life’

The group sit around the gun. Daiyu is seen untying the new woman while Em stands to one side.
The contestants cluster around the firearm, except for Fiona the new girl tied to the pipe, myself trying to unie her and Em.

You join us as after the apparent loss of Jordan we stumbled into a room with some barrel chairs, a small table with a revolver on it and more importantly (to me at least) a woman chained up against a pipe in the corner. Victim number seven… and she was a victim, of Joshua’s violence and Tori’s predations, but for now she was unknown and I went to untie her.

The rules of this room sailed past me and yet they clearly didn’t our so called ‘moral champion’ Josh who decided that instead of trying to find a creative way through the problem, or risk himself, decided to try and shoot me while I was helping this woman. ‘Luck’ was not with him and the gun didn’t fire…

He would rather try and murder or cripple me than even waiting and seeing what could happen when we think… maybe his bravado was just an act and Tori’s threats of bombs and worse in this room had got to him or maybe with no regard for anyone but himself we were just broken things to use as needed in his pursuit to get out. What makes someone like that readers? I’ve been offered the chance to have violent revenge enacted out on people who hurt me, yet I pass it over… and in this case, I’d done nothing to Josh, let alone ‘Kay’ for whom he somehow tried to link his attempted shooting. I wrote her story and sympathised with her!

“Brilliant! Players Two and Three noticed that there was no rule that said it had to be a headshot. We’re impressed. And kudos to Player Five. She thought she was clever too. Though we have decided that she cheated. Now you all die! Unless… One of you picks up that bullet, reloads that gun and kills the new Player Four. What’s it going to be? One death, or six. You guys get to decide! Clocks ticking.” 2:18. 2:19. 2:20…”

Tori over the speaker in the room once Dai had unloaded the gun

What.Would.You.Do? Do you kill a woman you don’t know hoping that your benevolent overlord somehow then lets you survive another few moments of life or do you just believe enough is enough? I think perhaps if I had kids, I might take a different decision, but everyone in that room were adults, we’ve had lives, we’ve made choices, I don’t think that we should ever make a choice to consciously end the life of someone else for our own. Also, Tori allowed us to let them have the gun… sure maybe if we’d done that they’d have just shot me and that would be the end, but it would be a fair end. Equal lots in an equally shit situation. But no, Josh ‘saved us’ and while we can never know… it doesn’t sit right with me readers. That’s why I then took her wedding ring for her family… she needed that respect, not to be left in some room to rot.

Josh after shooting Fiona. The girl lies in a pool of blood on the floor.
Josh after shooting Fiona

Readers… At this point we were screwed. Tori accelerated the timer and I was left to hug Fiona’s corpse, thinking of who I was leaving behind. They know who they are and how precious they are to me.

But of course, your reporter is still writing this, so I wasn’t blown up… Tori detonated ‘confetti’ in the room, a sick celebration of Josh murdering the woman, or just us as we sank collectively to despair and depravity. Now it was onto our next challenge:

Room 5: Inject or Injest

“We test your willingness to kill in order to survive in the last room, only one of you able to make that choice. Now you will all have another difficult choice to make.”

Tori & Gang over the speakers

It was true, Josh had made that choice, but that didn’t make him, or us, winners. Did it even make us survivors? Perhaps in the dictionary definition of ‘survivor’ but we had been stripped of so many things… Before we could gather any wits that remained, Tori reminded us though of the risks we took to our lives; exploding a real pipe bomb in the previous room and entombing Fiona’s corpse.

“Alright. This next room is simple. On the table you will see two injections. These injections are an antidote to a deadly nerve gas… See where this is going. There are four of you and two inoculations. Who gets them? You all get to decide. Be quick. There is a chance you might survive the gas… but there is a chance you won’t. Time is ticking.”

Tori & Gang over the speakers

For those of you watching, I had an approach that I thought… considering I didn’t feel like I was going to make it the best. I wanted Bentley as HPD and Em Bundy as a member of the Kogarashi gang to get the injections. They had a group behind them that wouldn’t take kindly to their members being hurt like this. HPD could stomp on Tori and if they didn’t, then I knew Brandie and the rest of the Koga would as well. I’m glad to say writing this that I KNOW that at least the Koga did…. More on that later. I wasn’t giving up… but with damaged lungs and worse from this, the torture before and the fire before that from the Rejects… why should I take an injection if I couldn’t then bring justice to Tori later… That was my thinking. Survival is important… but when you have a choice and no one has forced a gun into your hands, you can still choose the one that might kill you for the better good.

I didn’t believe Josh would give them away without one himself, so I did what I could. It wasn’t going to kill him, he had had less injuries than anyone. I’m proud of what I tried… although clearly my brain wasn’t firing right as I didn’t use numbers for Bentley and Em! Christ.

“Give Bentley and yourself the injections Em… Now! Suck a dick Josh… Josh… Josh”

Daiyu in room 5 as I tried to get Josh shocked so he couldn’t interfere with the injections

I can’t describe the pain. It broke me. Tori had tricked us again… the injections were the evil, the gas was just laughing gas. Afterwards I tried to think what the lesson had been here. If someone had been selfish they would have hurt themselves. That almost goes against what Tori had been trying to say; that the strong win. So it was pretty twisted. SHE KNEW that by this stage the more… evil… of the contestants might suspect a trick and use it on others. She encouraged their paranoia with fake explosions and fake deaths just to watch them hurt others. I think dear readers that rather than any grand fiction of ideals, Tori just likes to watch people suffer. She’s a sadist.

Tori standing at the HPD protest
Tori at the HPD protests – a sadist exists under that mask

Room 6: Moral to the End or Corrupted by Chaos

This room readers was the culmination of the event… but perhaps since I was barely thinking I could not remember it. People hurt each other; I watched the video afterwards… Josh choose me to be hurt, because I was a weak target and he choose that I hurt Em Bundy, who had been nothing but kind to me. I had tried to be clever, and if he had been, then maybe as the strongest he would have chosen us all to hurt him. Surely we would have not done him wrong if he had not done us wrong…

I saw in the video what transpired. People faking people, Em carving a word onto Josh, Josh in a rage throwing her into a bear trap…

“Ooooops. Not so cute now… And to think I was trying to help you… take advantage of such things. Would’ve thought Brandie taught you better”

Josh to Em Bundy after throwing her into a bear trap

As you know reader, we got out… alive, other than the poor woman who’s ring I still carry. But we were all changed and worse, even though HPD rescued us… did they provide justice to us? It’s hard to know but with Tori up to her old tricks… my well wishes are with the few who told me what they had done to make justice happen. Is that being like Tori? No… she has no innocence.

Conclusion… thoughts… pain and warnings…

A long time ago, the Kogarashi staged their own ‘Hunger Games‘… the title has stuck for what Tori did here (at least in my view) but what do you think readers, has the ‘game’ evolved?

Who won? Who lost? Josh claims victory, but was it really that? Did he have to do what he did – did he have to murder that woman, hurt us to lead us out?

“I win” – from Josh’s Twitter.

As a few months have past and as various schemes and activities have happened in Hathian it’s clear that Tori is about and up to her old tricks. Whether that’s potentially killing some woman in Hathian who has disappeared without trace or whether and more worryingly it’s what we see below, an invite to her next ‘challenge’ or games. Readers, I implore you, stay away and let this type of evil pass you by. When you read it you might think, surely not… but this is Hathian, what she plans will happen.

“We’ve decided to announce that it’s time for the next Hathian Hunt. We’re doing this a little ahead of schedule, but we feel it doesn’t matter who knows what’s coming. The law cannot stop it and will ignore it. And it gives the rest of you time to prepare and sharpen your blades.”

the WeAreYuugen twitter account

When will it happen, who will it involve? Find out… I am sure… when Tori strikes.

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