Z: My Goal Is Actually… ‘Hiding The Truth About The Sister I Murdered (and other crimes)’

Murder. Torture. Drugging. Kidnapping. Cybercrime. Abuse of Power. Theft. Assault. Wounding.

By: Anonymous. Edited by Daiyu Tang.

Readers, it took 14 months, but with a thud of a dossier, anonymously dropped on our desks, the constructed façade has been blow open. Complete with corroborating documents one Zoey Elizabeth Adachi-Martiel, otherwise known to many of you as ‘Z’ is shown for the psychopath that many may already know her for, but perhaps not for all the details now revealed.

Featured in this paper all those months ago (which you can read here) it wasn’t as if Z came across as some kindly librarian or fresh faced student working at Get Woke. She was an edged blade with sharpened teeth, a prosthetic arm and a penchant for fine dress and words that aligned to the ambition she boldly stated when we met. She wanted to ‘take over the world’, hyperbole surely, but backed up with a cold glint in the eye.

We learnt that when she returned to Hathian in 2022, she claimed she ‘missed it’ and that she only knew one gang, who she deemed ‘piddling’. Since then however as the Observer has reported there have been various trials and tribulations for Zoey, including when her bar was attacked perhaps by the very same ‘piddling’ group she had insulted. Additionally, she seemed to veer between manic episodes of violence and episodes of comic book villainy, which at one point included ranting about being unable to reach a pear, because someone had put the fruit bowl too high up. Associated with the Yuugen at a point and the Rejects at another, she was ever resourceful trying to advance her goals, leveraging (using?) others as she did.

It would, in the round, be fair to conclude that Z was not trying to hide, fully, her background or appetites. This isn’t going to be a ‘gotcha’ scoop, where some whiter than white holy priest is unmasked as a heinous criminal, but at the same time, Z has been running, obfuscating, plotting and in some ways creating a persona to escape her past, or perhaps adapt to it.

But reader, should anyone be able to adapt, avoid and hide from murdering their twin and attempting to murder more of their family?

Formative Years

Born in 1988 with her twin Katherine Martiel, Zoey grew up in Essex, England. Her family was expanded in 1991 when her sister Lily Samantha Martiel was born. Pieced together from files and histories told later to investigators it became apparent that Zoey abused Lily during the teenage years, abuse which continued even after Zoey went to University.

Studying Computer Science and Psychiatry, the young Zoey joined a fencing team which is an interest she has carried into Hathian per some of her photos. Not just swords, blades, knives, the works.

Reports indicate that around 2008 Zoey started to provide drugs, perhaps heroin, to her sister Lily. Although our records don’t indicate exactly why, nor do they delve extensively into what Lily was like there there can be no excuse for sister on sister abuse and the application of drugs to any problem.

In 2009 at the age of 18 Lily becomes pregnant and our files indicate that Zoey attacked her, seriously injuring her sister and killing the unborn child. What drove Zoey to such a wicked and brutal crime cannot excuse it and it is the view of some experts the Observer showed this file to that Zoey had a host of mental issues already.

“Clearly Zoey was in love with her sister, her rage at the pregnancy and later abuses are a clear sign of some kind of deviancy”

Psychologist who wished to remain anonymous

Her twin, Katherine according to morgue records and transcripts of later interviews tried to stop Zoey, arriving too late to save Lily’s baby and in an ensuring struggle was brutally murdered by Zoey. Fratricide. Infanticide.

“All of you in Hathian who think, ‘Oh… she’s just another Hathian kook criminal with delusions… she murdered family. She stalked family. She is psychotic. Even most of the dregs of Hathian protect their family as the only stable thing… Zoey murdered her twin and tried to murder her sister…”

Asylum worker who has been given anonymity
Z as more of the town know her today with mask and hand

Learning the Tricks of the Trade

In late 2009, after successfully avoiding being identified as the murderer of her twin (although it’s not clear why Lily didn’t identify her to police) she never-the-less manages to go ‘off grid’ and ends up serving in the Police where by 2011 she was working as a scenes of crime officer; a forensics role that appeared to appeal to her love of chemicals and the art of reviewing the abused human body with the lens of science.

Reports obtained from Zoey’s time in various correctional facilities indicate that she admitted that through 2011 and 2012 she was experimenting on vulnerable people with her drugs and after accidentally killing one such person started to clearly develop a like for this (or else a psychopathic lack of care in others). Using her forensic skills to cover up the crimes she continued abusing without it seems fear and with a belief that her brilliance would not be able to be stopped.

With her sister Lily still alive and apparently having perhaps faked her own death, Zoey continued to drive forward her chemical, illegal, experiments. When she however learnt in 2013 that Lily was still alive and living with another woman, a lady called Sylvi Bacheldor she clearly took grave offence. The Observer having researched Sylvi has found a string of deleted Twitter posts and accounts, including possibly @DeadEndPhoenix and others and it’s not clear if she still lives, especially after some of the horror inflicted on her during the next decade.

Zoey’s activities during 2013 culminated in kidnapping Sylvi whom she had stalked. She abused her and otherwise displayed all the warning signs of derangement and mental illness that our interviewees had identified.

Finally, in late 2013 she is arrested and committed to a psychiatric hospital.

Escaping and Igniting Terror – Then Fire.

Incarcerated in the hospital, Zoey must have been stewing in rage. Eventually she managed to escape and police reports and snippets from newspapers that we’ve attempted to tie in to the dossier show that she was responsible for more murders as well as a campaign against Lily and Sylvia that lasted from 2013 to 2015.

“I can’t imagine what it was like to know your own blood was out to kill you, had tried many times and would stop at nothing to try and take everything from you. She’s evil and needs to be put down.”

Former Officer involved in various investigations

While Zoey’s showboating (at least in a style that isn’t screaming V for Vendetta) is more pronounced recently, this slightly more polished exterior hides many of these crimes and wears others proudly. Fitting in. Narcissism

The campaign of terror continued until eventually as we understand it, Lily found where Z was sequestered with captured and drugged women. While rescuing those women, a confrontation occurred. There are no photos of exactly this moment that were given to us but what we do know is that this culminated in Zoey being burnt. Licking her wounds Zoey somehow managed to Fade into the background again to lick her wounds and recover.

Time Passes. Scars Heal... The mind stays damaged.

Fleeing a Dead End

During 2017 and 2018, the now disfigured Zoey recovered and slowly morphed into the persona that perhaps more of us in Hathian now recognise. A mask… less hair, monstrous features such as fangs.

She was never far behind Lily and Sylvi. She stalked them, hacking into their home and eventually, leading as with the earlier period, to fire.

Why Fire? Well, it appears Zoey burned down Lily’s house, perhaps as retribution for her burns, perhaps just because. In either case the couple fled to Hathian and sadly, Zoey was not far behind…

Sometimes it seems some people are victims… often. The abuses meted out in recent times by the HPD to one of our victims also seem to have been perpetrated to the same victim by Zoey over a period of a few months.

Escaping a Cycle of Abusers is Hard

Just one of Zoey’s victims, one who still resides in Hathian. How must that be? How have they reconciled to what happened to them? There are likely to be more.

2019 – Culmination and Consumption

By this point our records show that Lily was now in a new relationship with a Billie Myers, who has an old digital footprint that can be found here. While Sylvi remained in Hathian, this new relationship forms another of Zoey’s obsessions until, like with every past obsession, it ends with violence. Zoey harming Billie with a set of claws she had attached to her hand (a taste of something to come) is stabbed and nearly dies again, using the healing time to shift from the Hacker ‘V’ look to her sophisticated, refined look she has now. Those that know her and were willing to go on record say that she was ever more the ‘villain’ that Hathian would now in 2024 recognise her as.

“She’s almost cartoonish, until you wake up with that face near you and a rack of syringes… don’t underestimate her…”

Hathian gang member

With Lily and Billie now working together, it doesn’t take long for things to start to go wrong because of Zoey. Enraged at another relationship that her sister has formed she eventually finds a way to get at them and kidnaps Billie.

For a while, Zoey and Billie, now brainwashed into serving her, cause terror across the town, but something goes wrong and Billie rebels almost killing her abuser.

You have to hand it to Zoey, she can take a beating… Even after Billie breaks much of her Z crawls away to recover again.

And Now?

You will know Zoey now by her hand that had been crushed by Billie, a metal reminder of what she had lost but, not it seems sufficiently serious to serve as a warning to cease her megalomanic ways. Our access to this history of her crimes and misdemeanours, all cross-referenced against other sources as far as possible.

“She is always saying that she can’t be killed. She gets shot, stabbed, burnt and she then taunts it on Twitter, ‘You can’t kill me’… I think they’ve just not been trying hard enough…”

Hathian Criminal

I confess, as editor as I read this report and saw what my colleagues were writing I had misgivings. We’ve got domestic terrorists wandering free (and plotting surely more crime), we’ve got all sorts in Hathian. Why report on Zoey? Well someone thought it worth it. This file, set of photos and set of other evidence is compelling. Who did Zoey hurt now? Or did Lily reach out in quiet vengeance?

However it happened there is something surely heinous about a bond of family being broken. Something that goes against all the rules. Yes, people break up and fight and sadly sometimes cause violence to either other. But fratricide? Infanticide? Stalking, torture… chemical mutilation…

This Newspaper stands for decency, civility and trying to push the right things to happen. With Zoey, what can we say? Maybe out there, one day, we can find and interview Lily; has she forgiven? She’d be a stronger woman than I if so. Has she forgotten? I wouldn’t think that possible.

Stay Safe Readers and remember. Behind many masks is nothing but the pit.

͝҉yo̷u͡r ͞t͠im̢es a̵r͘e҉ ov̴e͘r ņów

Editor’s Note: (The Observer does not use dead names as we do not believe gender or such things matter to the whys and wherefores, unless very specifically related to the story, which in this case it is not).

((Image Credits: Various – generally from Z’s Twitter or other sources))