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Inside Grig's cells

by Girl Behind the Lens – Daiyu Tang

(Victims of Grig come forward to be photographed together, some on the record. Strength in numbers)

Dear reader, when you watched Jaws, or Alien or perhaps Nightmare on Elm Street for the first time, I guess you weren’t probably as hardened to horror and fright as you are now? Some of you have been through hell in Hathian, some of you have probably caused hell… Yet when you were young, unless you were one of the rare… damaged ones that drift around Hathian, you might have felt fear, trepidation and a sense of mortal dread after or during watching some of those films.

Was the deep water safe? Was there something in the air ducts of your home? Could your bed really crush you into pulp during a bad dream? Maybe your parents kept you to Bambi and other U rated films, but I think most of us went into the horror earlier than we should have. We attended the sleepover or had an older brother or sister, or just via our experience growing up in the mean streets of Hathian… We saw things that scared us; things that now shape and define us.

Anyway, I saw on Twitter that some of you were reliving the bad memories Jaws brought you… I empathize with you. Sometimes memories can be seared into us by the things we see and experience.

So what was that preamble for? Am I selling you adult DVDs? No, I’ll leave that to the XXX shop. What I want to tell you about is something, well someone and… something…

  • Someone who was formerly in a position of authority and who in that and in their personal capacity abused that trust
  • Something underground, something you should never want to visit, filled with devices, cameras, cells and restraints (and not HPD’s jail)

Then I want to tell you about some of the people this person has seared with their horror. The lives changed, the hurt and anguish caused and the betrayal of ties… Finally, I will bring you the words of victims to this person and photographic evidence. I will leave you reader with a plea for action, but even if you don’t take it, maybe just maybe you’ll draw your curtains a little tighter and check those locks just a little more carefully.

These interviews and these photos I’ve taken while investigating, one of my longest and most involved pieces since I became Girl Behind the Lens. I’ve done the work for this article sometimes with help, sometimes on my own and it’s been hard work… scary work… Reader, for the last week I’ve carried my gun and for those of you who know me, I’m not a fighter and don’t like firearms… I’ve fired only twice in anger and missed both times and the outcome from one of the uses was terrible.

Hell, I’ve dented more filing cabinet than denting anyone’s face in a fight… but still that cold metal of a gun gave me just a touch of reassurance as I worked to finish this investigation and then hole up and write it down…

Do you want to know the worst part though? As the details came into focus, maybe that gun wasn’t for the criminal, but was for me instead. After all, even I can’t miss at point blank range and sometimes there are places that you should never be taken alive. That had crossed my mind, but I’m glad that it was never put it to the test and instead of being taken there, I’m about to tell you of that place, so you hopefully never have to be.

I’d like to conclude this section in thanking all the victims who came forward, the HPD officers involved who supported this investigation and a few of the town citizens who fed in their knowledge where they could. Without good people, light struggles to illuminate the dark.

A raid on the dungeon

The photo above readers is what awaited me when, in the company of an HPD officer and one of the victims we breached the heavy security around the property of the perpetrator. Hathian has its fair share of criminals, dark places and worse, but it takes a particular kind of evil to arrange, over what must have been years, the IC construction of a subterranean vaulted dungeon with multiple rooms, fake doors and all the equipment within. The source of funds for such an endeavour also bear some investigation as well. How did the perpetrator come by these funds, has anyone enabled them to bring this to bear and what corrupted security firms, labour unions or other firms were involved in this construction and then turned a blind eye later?

Anyway, after finding our way blocked by a biometric scanner, our witness was able to use it to enter the property and the fact her print or other information was still encoded was evidence of her once close relationship with the perpetrator and perhaps a key lapse in his judgement not to wipe her details, but I suspect a window or some other method could have worked if required. Passing through a reinforced door we entered a small room in a house tastefully furnished, but also with a fair amount of BDSM equipment and toys.

In the room was a small doorway and passing through that our small group, with weapons drawn advanced down into the dark. I have to say readers, that this is Hathian, a town of limited means and where life is cheap but materials and expensive toys are hard to have. This place had some choice pieces from the 007 catalogue all right and I had visions of our perpetrator sitting Blofeld style in one of those black leather chairs down in the dark, just waiting for us… I was, it was accurate to say, still pretty terrified. My preparations to warn a few close friends of what I was doing, I wasn’t sure it would be enough, but in the end, I had to do something, had to try to make this story land for you, make you see some of the rot. It scares me when we turn a blind eye to it…

Anyway, imagine my surprise when the room we entered contained a pool table, wine rack, a few chairs and a bookcase. Was this it? A house with all that security for a private room to play pool? Christ, I thought the investigation might’ve been a joke but I dutifully snapped a photo of the expensive wine, again indicative of unexplained wealth. But there was more, a whole lot more…

Our witness touched the bookcase and with a noise it slid open to reveal another door. We crept inside and found a dirty bed, cage, video camera, some sort of BDSM cross and various other implements. For Hathian I guess if I had stumbled on this setup, I might not have done much about it, but there was more. Through another door and it was here where it became apparent that combined with my witnesses’ testimony that bad shit was confirmed… Jail cells, torture devices, BDSM tools, drills and tools, an isolation cell, accessible electricity outlets… This was the wet dream of a sadistic mind and now with my escort I turned to photograph it all for possible action as well as this article.

I’m not a shrinking violet reader, I hope my stories and the iron needed to get them done has shown you that. I mean, this job and Hathian has taken me from the rebellious teen I was back home in England and changed me into something sharper, more focused. Still as a good friend says ‘a brat’ and sometimes wrong in my methods, but I like to think my heart is in the right place. My heart was in my mouth in this dungeon and as I finished the photos and took my leave towards the sweet air outside… I felt almost reborn.

Now imagine how much worse it must be for our victims, who have given me their time for an interview…

Interviewees – the bravest women

It was the 25th of August, after our raid of the property when I interviewed one of the victims. Waiving her right to anonymity, I spoke with TaraLe at my studio, giving her distance from the location of the crimes. My purpose, readers in taking these interviews with Tara and then Nessie is to provide weight of evidence in the accusations and showcase to you, what photos on their own cannot achieve; hopefully a call to arms to protest and protect those that you love. Other victims exist, but as is their right they wish to withold their details, although as I note at the end with a call to action for HPD to investigate, for a proper investigation I am sure they would be willing to be interviewed by law enforcement…

Interviewer: GBTL
Interviewee: TaraLe Luckstone
Date: 25th August 2022

GBTL: “Hey… hope my home works ok for you, I’m sure you’re glad to be away from that place. Thank you for coming… I guess I just want to ask, are you ok with what I am going to do? Lift the lid on this and try my best to make sure this individual is forever and a day constrained, constricted and prevented from harming you and others?”

Tara: “It is damning and I hope will damn him. And it’s probably necessary if he’s been hurting others. I’ve thought about this and while I’d have preferred not to have my name attached to this, in the end, I think I have to make sure… make sure it will land.”

GBTL: “Ok, I really appreciate that. It’ll make this more likely to work. The other witness who has gone on record has also agreed to use her name. So… I guess I should start with a question that perhaps helps illustrate how your and Grig’s paths crossed. My sources told me Grig was your inside chap at HPD… what went wrong? How did the relationship break down?”

Tara: “You know, before I start, I wanted to say that I feel guilt. Shame. That’s why this hasn’t been reported before now. I didn’t want to be ‘looked at’ a certain way, ya know? Discredited, seen badly…What went wrong? He raped me, Daiyu. He can’t come back from that.”

Reader, I… look, this is Hathian and I’m not stupid, I know rape happens and I guess the conviction rate here is worse than the abysmally low starting point in America anyway, but I beg you, don’t let it become normal. It’s not. It’s something that as Tara says, that once it happens to you, that you don’t come back. You’re not the same person, you can’t interact the same way with others and so much more damage… So, a I said, I agreed with Tara and also felt deeply sad that any woman (or man) would feel they risked shame or other opprobrium for standing up and demanding justice for this crime.

GBTL: “I don’t think being attacked should ever be discrediting… but I get the feeling… Society is harsh and judgmental, still… I think with all the evidence we have, no one could deny… of if they do, fuck them. Their opinion is going to be water off a duck’s back. So, you got close, thought he was going to be useful, but he decided he wanted to be in charge?”

Tara sat there, took a little while to gather her thoughts and sipped the drink I had made her, then continued.

Tara: “I protected him. For a long time. I did that. Even introduced him to your friend Saedi. I still feel guilty about that. Grig and I we were always close… Not in a romantic sense, but we did have a solid working relationship. I always let him know where I was and he had the ability to check my location through other methods… Grigoriy always wanted to be in charge. But, I’m not a submissive. I won’t bend…especially on principle and I think this aggravated him. It reached a point that trading intel wasn’t enough for him I guess… he wanted to take and assert himself more.”

GBTL: “So I guess he wanted more from the deal than you were prepared to give and he then showed his true colours, taking when it was denied… I’m not sure how much I trust Landon in general, but… he’s right on this one, Grig needs to have his things taken and his liberty restricted and people need to know… They need to know so that they can be careful… or… take matters into hand and it’s the right thing to do…”

Tara: Landon seems to have taken it upon himself to become the one-man advocate against rapists in Hathian. But, that’s almost a contradiction, isn’t it? Anyway, I guess it’s the right thing to do. This happened with Grigoriy at the end of April and I couldn’t act on it right away for many reasons relating to his control of me. Since then, I’ve just kept my distance from him…but, to think I could have helped stop him sooner makes me a little sick to my stomach but, that’s where the whole ‘putting my name on this’ comes from. I was ashamed. I AM ashamed of it. It’s humiliating. If you think it’ll add weight to the article, you may use my name…”

Daiyu: “Power corrupts… Telling this story, it’s the right thing to do to try and break a little of that power. Don’t be ashamed, I believe we can make a difference!”

Readers, this is true, I do believe we can make a difference. Step-by-step, let’s bring some of the evil into the light, disinfect it and then fill the space it leaves behind with a promise to be more Observant in preventing it creeping back. So, Tara went into more details of what happened, the basement (as detailed in this article) and other facts that supported her story. Was there more to it? Sure, a history of control and being controlled, but I hope her clear words on the attack, combined with what I assure you is graphic details satisfies you dragging Grig’s basement into the spotlight is the right thing to do. Now, if you need more proof? This on Twitter, caught my eye a while back:

Nessie: Are you… kidding? for months I’ve been ranting about how he kidnapped and raped me and hpd did fuck all about it” ( Nessie’s Twitter Post #1 )

Nessie: “idk who else he’s attacked recently. but I wasn’t the first and guarantee I wasn’t the last.” ( Nessie’s Twitter Post #2 )

Nessie: “yeah. he did. to me. and I know of at least two others. ain’t no rumor.” ( Nessie’s Twitter Post #3 )

Nessie: “God abandoned that basement a long time ago” ( Nessie’s Twitter Post #4 )

So, of course, I was off to speak with Nessie, but before that, I did some digging with a few of the human intel sources in Hathian. I met the one I quote below on the streets back in July and pressed them for a little colour on some of the rumours.

Interviewer: GBTL
Interviewee: Hathian Citizen

GBTL: “I’ve got this business owner, has also been known to work in HPD… gets accused of sexual misconduct over Twitter and you know, it’s a shit-show. I’m just wondering if you’ve got any human intel Grig and whether there’s any truth to these matters of him and Nessie…”

Source 1: “I can’t give ya any details or names, but ya can count Grig as a predator. Sexually violent predator. But if ya can get them ta take down Grig, I doubt there will any tears shed for it”

A few weeks later from the same source: “Ya asked me a while back about Grig an accusations o’ sexual assault. I told ya that I knew about it but didn’t give ya details… But now I can, he tortured an’ raped Tara”

The corroboration was coming in fast now, so now I spoke with Nessie over the phone and Twitter.

Interviewer: GBTL
Interviewee: Nessie
Date: Various dates / times through August 22

GBTL: “I am now close on pulling together all the stuff on Grig… his dungeon, his… predations… I’ve got photos… Can I include anything more from you in it? As we spoke about before I know that other people know what he did to you, so anything else you wanted to add, to add some weight…”

Nessie: “Dungeon as in basement? the crypt as he calls it? how??? if you’ve got pics of that I can def confirm. I’ve not exactly been quiet about it. BUT if you have proof, anything at all that can be used I want to pursue it with HPDtoo, now that he aint a cop anymore…”

GBTL: “I didn’t know he had left the force. I’ll need to look into that. Yes, I have pictures of his basement crypt.. a full accompanied ‘tour’ to get the evidence needed. I need to find out though about this leaving HPD, wouldn’t look good to accuse a serving officer and then have the first line rebuttal being ‘he left, fuck off you shit reporter’…”

Nessie: “He left the Force around the time he opened this business of his, I think. Can I see the pics? Just to confirm for my own sanity? He was real careful about not leaving evidence with me, so hopefully he made mistakes with the other. I can provide details though, see if anything lines up with what the other says. You know I’ve never been quiet about what he did, no reason to start now lol. I would say find a friendly cop who can just confirm the info for you. bonus points if they can tell if he left with any drama…”

I understand that Nessie wishes to provide further details of the attack and it would be my hope that she, Tara and the other victims can take these details to a lawyer. At the very least, there is money in that expensive Pool Hall, basement dungeon, house and fine wine collection and so on belong to the victims, not the perpetrator.

So Nessie confirmed after seeing the pictures it was the same place and here we now have two witnesses on the record confirming the place and the crime… With Grig having left the force I thought it would be the proper thing to do to see if there were any lingering issues with him, or if he had previously as one other witness indicated managed to have reported issues (by a serving HPD officer no less) swept under the carpet in some form of potential cover-up.

Interviewer: GBTL
Interviewee: Sgt. Blackheart
Date: 27th August

I approached HPD for the second time about Grig, the first time Porkins had sent me away, so this time when I spotted the imposing figure of Sgt. Blackheart outside the entrance, who for reasons that might confuse some of you I thought a fairly fair, if acidic figure, I reckoned I should try with her.

GBTL: “Sergeant Vanora… might I trouble you for a few moments of your time about an investigation I am running?”

Vanora: “If it involves any active HPD investigation you know we don’t disclose any information till the case has gone to court… But for the sake of not instantly shooting you down and making you explode faster then the Hindenburg.. what is this about?”

GBTL: “Ah, I wouldn’t want to crash and burn that fast… So… imagine, a dungeon underneath Hathian and a brave HPD officer along with some of the victims deciding that enough-is-enough and that the perpetrator should be put in the spotlight of the public. Now if you will, consider that the alleged mastermind escaped justice for… various reasons… for a while, but then, suddenly a few months ago decided to resign from their very… well-connected position, in HPD itself… So, I was wondering, if I might be so bold, was Grigoriy Nikitin pushed or did he walk before you might have brought your formidable disproval down on him?”

Vanora “If there are investigations going on. The HPD will not disclose them till they went to court. What makes you think this is any different when it involves officers… If you want answers. You gotta go up the food chain. Talk to the Lt or the Captain.”

I sighed… frustrated, but with a glimmer of hope. One would think that if Grig wasn’t slightly suspicious that Vanora might well have taken more umbrage to my line of questioning… It was a reach. It was a reach that wouldn’t be part of the hopeful court case but I just got that feeling… she knew something, but I get that chain of command thing, so whether my feeling was right or wrong, I couldn’t fairly press more (or safely!) So after a careful goodbye and no small amount of relief, I headed off.

The TLDR Version – The Conclusion and why you should stop worrying and learn to fight back as a group of Citizens

So reader, thank you for bearing with me. Now, where are we? Let’s just recap, or perhaps the ‘TLDR’ version for some of you… I won’t take offence.

  • Grigoriy Nitkin, a former HPD officer who left in unclear circumstances is accused of the rape, abduction and worse of a number of Hathian’s citizens, two of whom have bravely chosen to go on record
  • Grig built or otherwise found a large vaulted basement in which to carry out his crimes and protected it with layers of security that only the combined efforts of a victim and a brave HPD officer were able to break through
  • These victims spanned a number of months and in at least one case had reporter the crime to HPD and believed that the investigation was shimmied for potentially suspicious reasons
  • As far as I can tell, no current open investigations exist against Grig
  • I ask my Observer readers to work together to get justice for Tara, Nessie and the other victims and press HPD into action now that Grig is no longer in the force

Reader it is my hope and as you’ll see above, that of Nessie and Tara and the other victims who didn’t want to be identified on record, as well as a number of citizens aware of Grig’s predations that we now take this further. I will be presenting this article, the associated evidence and further unpublished details to HPD once the story has hit the presses, with a demand that action is taken. Now that Grig is no longer on the force, there can be no question that he is owed any protection… We, the citizens of Hathian need protection and we look to HPD, including the officers we know agree with us, to move forward and arrest Grig for these crimes… Your city needs you to step up. Please make us proud.


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