Hathian Girls Club

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From HTV Studio comes a new reality show following a group of self-proclaimed ‘hard girls’ as they are forced to live together in a house at a secret secure location. Starts Nov 1st 2014.

The question is, are you Hard enough?

Do you have what it takes to be cast on the Hathians Girls Club? If the answer is yes then here’s you chance to be on the show.

Hathian Girls Club will follow the selected girls on their journey through the house, all the while under the watchful eye of our cameras. This will not be EASY! If your lucky enough and HARD enough to be selected from the many applicants then your going to be cut off from your home-town, social networking accounts and your family/friends for your stay within the house which is surrounded by a tall security fence.

You will be required to participate in activities and organized outings! Think that sounds easy? Pfft. All the girls are from Hathian, they’re probably going to be psycho catty bitches who will exploit you if you don’t gel with them. Lets hope you can fit-in or fight, right?! Any girls who can’t take the pressure will be eliminated from the show.

Fill out The Hard Girls Application below. Be descriptive. Include a photo. Tell us why you have what it takes to be Hathian’s next bad bitch from hell! So if ya think your ready for this, think again and if your still up for this. Get that application in right now!

((OOC info: This will be an approx 6 week group RP from 1st Nov. Updates and photos of the girls progress will be posted in the Observer Newspaper and on Twitter etc. We would ask girls to stay in the house compound when online for realism)).


Hathian Girls Club Application

Name ((Character)):

((SL Name)):


Background Info about yourself:

Why do you deserve the title ‘Hard Bitch of Hathian?’:

What unique will you bring to the house?:


Please return your completed form ((copy-paste into a notecard)) and send with a photo to HTV Studio ((TeoMicqui Resident)).

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