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Dear readers, the Observer is here in Hathian to give you as much news as we can lay our eyes (or hands) on. Whether it is good news, or bad news, if it’s impacting Hathian and surrounding areas, we want to hear about it.

((All e-mail addresses are fictious, but social media links are IC (and real) and you can NC stories to individual reporters, or via the general mailbox at the front of the Observer))

Vivienne is a philosophy major with a passion for politics, social issues, and the arts. When she is not chasing stories or investigating happenings in the city. She likes to play the cello, and experiment with creative writing.

Find her at the office, or reach out with your story to her on [email protected].

X: https://twitter.com/KahinaThe43925

Zofia came from Poland from a farming family more than two years ago. She worked first at Luis, Gein and Pie Hole and became a vegetarian thanks to Officer Landon. After living in Hathian for six months, she moved to be closer to Columtreal University where she began her career in the clinic as a nurse. She was subsequently offered the position of clinic manager.

Joining our team of reporters she focuses on articles full of positivity. She loves walking, history, nice clothes, shopping, animals, dancing and kinky things and her friends.

Find her around Hathian, or reach out with your story to her on [email protected]


Venus earned her masters in Journalism from CUNY and has worked as an investigative journalist since she graduated. She has most recently worked on local papers in Santa Ramona Valley, California, where she became editor, and in Onyx Heights, New Jersey. She is currently finishing a book telling the story of immigrants to the USA, having spent a year doing interviews, as well as working part-time for the Observer. [email protected]

The mysterious Katy Kantry is a native who grew up in the foster system of Hathian. She received a full academic scholarship to attended Columtreal University where she double majored in Business Management and Computer Science. After graduating, she spent 2 years in Boston Massachusetts where she interned for a Fortune 500 tech company. She’s returned to Hathian to give back to the community that helped to raise her. She is a huge foodie and enjoys trying new and unique places. [email protected]

We’re currently waiting on profiles for Carrie, Rhys, Monet and a few other contributors, so we’ll update this page as they become available!

If you’re interested in writing for the Observer, contact our Editor, Daiyu Tang or visit our offices to find out more!

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