The New ‘Bates Motel’ – Diaz Apartments?

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By: Daiyu Tang

The Observer received a tip-off that over at the Diaz Apartments on Lewis Avenue (D8 district) some kind of incident was going down involving HPD and the FDH; specifically the paramedic side. With camera in hand, Observer Editor Daiyu Tang headed over and after scaling a wall at the rear of the complex for better visibility was confronted with what appeared to be a murder scene.

The body of a woman, probably in her early 30s was laid on the side of the pool area with the FDH, represented at the scene by Rog performing, sadly, activities related to the preparation of the transport of a corpse, rather than life-saving treatment. Perhaps they had attempted this earlier, but it would appear from the wounds that we observed that this might have been futile.

Readers, I regret to let you know that it appeared the woman was missing organs, although without a close inspection or comment from FDH at this time, we don’t know the extent, but it’s fair to say her chest cavity was open and disgustingly at least her heart perhaps was missing. Sadly, the Observer has been reporting on similar ‘body part missing‘ murders in Laveau, but recently at least some of the perpetrators died, so it is potentially shocking that these crimes continue in Hathian, or perhaps this is just a one-off, a ‘normal’ Hathian murder, although to what end removing parts from the victim achieves, I (and I expect most other sane readers) have no clue.

Our colleague Viv has also been investigating potential organ trafficking out of the HGH, but in those cases, bodies weren’t left dumped in public spaces, so whether someone was interrupted or something else is going on, it’s not yet clear who is behind this murder and based on our interaction with HPD, we’re not sure they’ll get to the bottom of it…

When the local officers, who did not identify themselves saw our editor, their focus moved from dealing with the crime at hand, to accusing her of dressing like a devil worshipper and then eventually, one who had a strong Liverpudlian accent accused her of public nudity and urinating in the pool, somehow ignoring the fact she was dressed, that the pool was stained with blood (and that was draining from the corpse)…

With a ticket in hand, our editor left the scene and except for Rog, who behaved impeccably, it can surely be said that HPD’s ‘finest’ were truly on display, failing to take the crime seriously and subjecting the media to warrantless abuse.

Information Requested

If you have information about this murder, whether linked to cults or to organ trafficking, reach out to an Observer journalist today and should you wish to support a free media, consider donating to allow our editor to pay her ‘public indecency’ citations for just doing her job!

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