Medical Malfeasance

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By: Vivienne C.

Reader, if you receive a medical call for a follow up or even a simple check up, I would be very careful in inquiring as to the purpose. Perhaps even make sure to not to go alone. The term medicine is typically associated with healing, compassion, and trust. However, recent events have shattered these perceptions.

I have been recieving varying disconcerting reports that medical staff at HGH are abusing their position by exploiting their access to drugs, dubious connections to gangs dealings, and as you might have read the recent article on Dr. Novak’s murder, even involvement in organ trafficking.

There is much to be revealed about what is happening at HGH, I shall endveaour to report more as I continue to investigate. For now I share with you this bizzare and unprecedented turn of events, a doctor stands accused of the unthinkable: the abduction of a patient under their care.

Abduction Treatement?

The survivor wishes to remain anonymous for safety reasons as there is legitimate concern in this case that there would be retaliation should the names of patient and perpetrator be revealed.

The story begins when a patient was called in for routine check by a member of HGH staff but upon their admittance were drugged and kidnapped. The abduction, however, was not a spontaneous act but rather a meticulously planned operation.

CCTV footage of the lobby shows the doctor, and another medical personnel escorting the unconcious patient out in a wheel chair towards a van. The survivor woke up in a dungeon and had to endure the unimaginable for weeks. When health care providers violate the trust of patients by causing them harm, the consequences ripple through both the individual and the larger system.

Urgent Need for a Safety Debate

The ramifications of this shocking case should ignite a firestorm of debate surrounding patient safety, medical ethics, and the accountability of healthcare professionals. Trust, a cornerstone of the doctor-patient relationship, has been eroded.

I have reached out to HGH chief of staff regarding launching an internal investigation on this matter and will continue to follow up on it. Should you see or hear anything suspicious happening at the hospital, please reach out to me on [email protected] ((xsirwhateverx))

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