Shocking Murders In Laveau: ‘Cult’ Strikes Again

Power of voodoo (who do?) You do (do what?) Murder.

Reader, we might wish to consider ourselves ‘lucky’ to live in Hathian. Striking thought, I know, but I’d suggest that after reading this article you may feel just a little safer here than you might otherwise feel in Laveau.

Trigger Warning: Ritualistic Murders / Sadism / Human Sacrifice

At least in Hathian, at the moment, we have to content with only the Police, Alice Crow and other general day-to-day violence in our city. There remain some of us who are a little stranger; the Hoppers for example remain on the prowl, but the Hathian brand of violence is somewhat different to a serial kill streak with cult themes that is stalking Laveau as I write this.

Our regular readers will remember the call for help from LSD (‘Laveau Sheriff Department’) when they had just three murders on their hands. As more details came to late, names were applied to the victims and while we understand some information was received into the LSD, it was clearly not enough to prevent more atrocities.

Butchery at Wedding Bells Church

A recently extinguished fire in the graveyard, possibly containing some human remains.

We received a call from Detective Nikki Derryth to attend Laveau and after the difficult drive out there our editor (and the trusty Observer News-Van) were in one piece, which could not be said for our victim that the detective wished us to see.

The images you will see below, while edited to remove the most grotesque aspects have been approved for release in order to help shock the community into action; either taking more care of themselves and their loved ones, or (and ideally as well) helping rally the community to share information with the LSD and identify these perpetrators and stop them. The Observer, and the LSD implore citizens of Laveau to do the right thing and turn in the cult, or individuals behind these murders.

The scene at the graveyard was atrocious, but the smell was almost its equal. The stench of death, made worse by clearly some hours in the warm afternoon of Laveau permeated the area past the police tape and as our editor drew closer, she reported feeling like throwing up already.

Surrounding the corpse were a number of other signs of cultism or a ritualistic nature to this business. This image showed tarot cards, animal remains and candles.

The worse was yet to come however, when rounding the wall, three things caused even the hardened LSD staff to be on edge. Firstly there was a cauldron or container which seemed to be filled with blood and entrails. This was accompanied by a flayed skin of a woman missing all the inside organs. Next to this was a small bucket containing a head, frozen is a rictus of a scream… Despite our censoring, viewer discretion advised… ((Image would be more blurred than the one shown below))

We understand from forensics that the body was dismembered at the scene. Given the volume of blood found we understand that she was likely killed on site. We also know the body itself and most main organs are missing, not found in either the container or on site. It’s possible some where burnt, but forensics doesn’t indicate this and the body couldn’t have been on that size fire.

(L) – Cauldron of body parts (M) – Skin of a female (R) – Head of female victim

The symbol above the body has been shown before in these pages, as part of the hoax HGH biological weapon. While this may be linked, it could equally be a coincidence or an attempt by the real perpetrators to link to this symbol which is in the public domain. You can see it used in the following article.

LSD Statement

“On behalf of the Laveau Sheriffs Department, I would like to assure the citizens of the town and surrounding area that we are doing all we can to apprehend those responsible. We all share a sense of loss and revulsion at the senseless murder and desecration of the victims.

You may be wondering where we stand with the investigation? I know you have all heard it a thousand times before “We can’t disclose the details of an ongoing investigation” and as im sure you will know, that is for security reasons and to stop the killers adjusting to what we know. I will however, say this. Thanks to exhausting investigative work and also help from some public minded citizens who came forward with information, we have some strong leads and I am personally hopeful that we are starting to close the net around the perpetrators of these hideous and barbaric acts.

In the meantime, please stay alert, watch out for yourselves and each other and as always, if you have any information, please contact me at the Laveau Sheriffs office.”

Detective Nikki Derryth

Next Steps

Our time with the LSD showed that the Detective was professional at the crime scene, there were a number of discoveries which should hopefully aid the investigation, some of which the Observer is not able to inform you about now, in case it tips off the suspects. However a few thoughts:

  • Be wary of cloaked black figures (Do you have to be told this?)
  • The potential perpetrators have both male and female members
  • The potential perpetrators may have a background in survival, military or outdoor activities or similar

The LSD, as we understand it is having some issues itself, including dealing with other violent groups and the targeting of its staff. We have heard a few whispers recently, informants in Laveau whisper of voodoo, while over towards ‘civilisation’, i.e. more to the seafront, we understand a mythical multi-headed beast is the name for an umbrella organisation of potential criminals, intent on cementing their control over the city.

A Witch Comments

The Observer, due to the ritualistic nature of the murders brought a staff member from Witch Way Alley to the scene and asked her her opinion on the photos and the wider context.

Rachel Wesson: “My question why display it for all to see. Witches would never do that… we keep our rituals.. rites… spells. secret from normal eyes. This ritual makes no sense… Sloppy work to be honest… No protection circle… the candles were wrong for a Hex… black is not evil, it is use to banish negative energy… the skull was from a steer? The spell or hex was out of balance?”

Rachel approved this from the perspective of a witch, although it was of course in our view most likely that voodoo or even devil worship was behind this (or a serial killer group who just liked an elaborate cover story)

Rachel Wesson: “Of course, it could be a coverup for the murder…. Let me ask you a question… the other rituals where not as brutal? But still they murdered someone correct? You also said this was a lot of blood, how much blood? Five litres?”

Rachel, the CU Ball Buster’s star spiker, also has a lot of occult knowledge from her work in Witch Way Alley on campus.

Hathian Observer: “Yes, brutal, some very, but perhaps not as much as this and one was much more focused on calling the victim a whore and abusing her for her, as far as I could tell, being female…”

Rachel Wesson: “These do not even sound like they are done by the same person. Each one is different, first one sounds like a clean and simple.. the second sounds like some religious nutjob attacking a hooker, the third.. well… sounds like someone was testing for a butcher. The forth looked like all three combined….”

Officer ‘Glacken’ although his name badge said something different. He worked with the detective to secure the site.
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