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Dance of the Sugar Plum Clown (No relation to Zeek)

Reader, I had the pleasure today of meeting another member of Mr. Bob’s troupe. In this case a nice lady, with a taste in music that we share called ‘Nuts’. No, I’m not being rude, this was how she was introduced to me.

For those who need a reminder, in reverse chronological order:

  • We covered a recent altercation at the Gein where Mr.Bob was seen either under attack, or perhaps the cause of an attack
  • A load of prams on fire were brought to our attention as was the message ‘The Circus is Back’
  • And we met Mr.Bob for an interview when he came to town (or at least announced that he was here)

Now, the ungenerous and unkind (and Hathian has plenty) of you might say ‘Nuts by Name, looks nuts by nature’, but I actually found both Mr Bob and Nuts surprisingly lucid, if, as always just a little bit scary. But I was here on invitation and I was intrigued as before to learn more about how a circus, scares but also entertains and how some other concepts might continue to play out for Hathian.

Speaking Out

“Oh, Nuts… from the ballet? The Nutcracker? I once saw that in Covent Garden… So… are you family?”

Daiyu to Nuts and Mr. Bob

Chatting with the two of them I was struck by a sense of deep connection they had and while to my untrained eye Nuts surely must be carrying trauma and scars, they seemed most likely as armour, rather than as violent wounds, fresh and painful. But I’m a reporter, not a psychologist and when confronted with a range of tics and behaviours, some of which were scary, I wouldn’t rely on my judgement on their safety.

Nuts: “Papa loves Nuts. Nuts is cute and yes! Paper woman knows ballet! Nuts is Nutcracker! Nuts loves to dance! Dancing makes Nuts’s head go calm. Nuts loves that. Paper woman plays! Nuts dances!”

Telling Nuts that I (truthfully) can play the piano pretty well seemed to set her at ease for a moment.

Mr Bob: “Look… Miss Daiyu… as I grew older, I formed a tight-knit circle of friends within the circus; misfits and outcasts like myself, bound together by our shared struggles and desire for retribution. Anyone who dares to harm my loved ones or friends, will face the full wrath of our vengeance. Our methods are brutal and unforgiving! I can assure you that!”

Daiyu: “So, what next, what else is planned to make this good for all Hathian, to… bring a circus but also, not bring everything others bring. Hathian needs a unique show perhaps, but I am still in two minds whether you are going to hurt or help the majority of this place…”

Mr Bob: “Well, well, well… Looks like leaving the prams out was quite the showstopper, wouldn’t you say Did you find it funny, Miss Daiyu? Well, let me enlighten you either way! You see, leaving the prams out wasn’t just an innocent oversight. Oh no, it was a deliberate act, a masterstroke of chaos to announce one thing and one thing only – the Circus is back in town!”

Mr Bob further indicated he had other members of the circus in Town, I wondered if this was the start of a Hopper type family, or just a troupe of close friends. It was going to be Hathian weird, that was for sure.

Bob and Nuts at Batterie Beach

Daiyu: “Could you tell me a bit about the Gein incident? I saw you there… and I guess I am interested in how you value life, your creed if you will?”

Mr. Bob: “Ah, the Gein’s incident, well, you see, my dear Daiyu, some matters are best left undisturbed, much like the stillness of a calm evening before a storm. As for the value of life, let it be known that unless there’s a good reason, no life is worth taking. Every soul holds a story, a melody in the grand symphony of existence, and it’s not our place to disrupt that delicate harmony.”

Daiyu: “Ok… so can you perhaps tell me about any show or events you might have planned? Something to inspire Hathian with that creed of yours there?”

Nuts: “Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to the show that will amuse you and bring you the joy!”

Mr.Bob: “My dear Miss Daiyu, it seems our presence in town is garnering attention, and while we’ll continue our actions for now, let’s remember our ultimate goal. A circus show isn’t just a fleeting event; it’s a permanent fixture, a beacon of joy and wonder for all to behold. So, while we may be seen around town for the time being, let’s keep our sights set on establishing a lasting presence. Let’s plant the seeds of anticipation, nurturing them until they blossom into a spectacle that enchants audiences indefinitely.”

Well it sounds like they are here to stay, roots growing into the fertile soil of Hathian… Reader it’s also fair to say that there were some further conversations about HPD and generally some of perhaps, Mr. Bob’s enemies, but actions usually speak louder than words, so I will be listening to the Police Scanner and keeping my eyes open to see what, if anything happens next in Hathian in relation to the Circus.

Ps. reader, forgive the owner’s headline, I’d say more but I don’t want to get docked another week’s pay….

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