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Kiss My Ace – New Series

GBTL x Kiss My Ace – Update on the New Series!

Reporter: Girl Behind the Lens; Daiyu Tang

Date of Article: 18/11/2023

Hathian Observer readers may well remember that prior to the huge storm that rocked Hathian and surrounding areas in September, that the Columtreal University Volleyball teams were involved in a pre-season practice series comprising rounds of Beach Volleyball.

The Observer covered the league and some of the match results in various articles, where we went through how different teams performed. It is fair to say that some of our Hathian students are rather feisty on the pitch with one team disqualified for fighting instead of spiking! Rachel Wesson, the editor is looking at you, because she knows you to be a demon in a fight!

Week 1 Results & Interview with Volleyball captain Maya
Week 2 Results
Week 3 Results

What next for the team?

The Observer caught up briefly with team captain Maya to ask what was going to happen now. With the storm having disrupted the teams, did she have a plan to recover?

Maya: “Well Daiyu, the Hathian Rainbow Squirtles team are bitterly disappointed that they couldn’t go to the finals because of the storm. But, we are looking forward to new challenges and this time, we’re going all the way, properly.”

Daiyu: “Properly?”

Maya: “Yes, this won’t be Beach Volleyball, this will be the real deal. We’re going to take… I’m going to take the Columtreal University Volleyball team all the way to state finals. I believe we have the team and the ambition to do it.”

Daiyu: “But has the team got the temperament? Eva and Rachel seem to be firing on all cylinders but also firing with their fists…”

Maya: “Well, let’s talk about this in a proper interview after our next match, how about meeting me and perhaps a team member or two for a sit-down?”

We agreed with May to come back and see her later and can’t wait to see a sneak peek of the team composition, the new uniforms and as we understand it a new collectible card ‘game’ or something which is going to appear in shops around campus. Apparently, you will be able to collect cards of the girls on the team, which should be exciting especially as some cards are meant to be valuable and rare!

The Observer wishes all the team well and we look forward to hearing what’s next in more details soon! Also, the Observer has some limited edition clothing from one of the team members to win in our next edition. If you’re a fan of Rachel Wesson, you won’t want to miss this!

Part 2 – Interview with the Captain

In our first article, we had interviewed Maya and had promised to provide the second part, for reasons related to the storm this never happened, but we are pleased to include it now!

Daiyu: “Sport is pretty cool… I am pretty good at judo and I skateboard and if you believe it, while I was in high school I fenced Foil… Now I tend to exercise by running away from people! So anyway, that makes sense about the positions and about your background. Good to avoid the gangs and drugs by doing something else. Do you have any drug problems on your team though, since you mention it? Anything you are working on, I know that you’re the captain, so how is it managing the others? What about the people aspects are best and what are worse?”

Maya: “It is what we are made for, you know, as humans. To move, even running away from criminals. Eventually most of us are unlucky to get stuck in a cubicle, but… fuck no, if I can avoid I will. Tell you what though, speaking of your running, spiking the ball is a good skill, it’s a damn offensive projectile when at hand!”

Maya paused, thinking about the people aspect. I saw within her someone who wanted to manage, but sometimes found it challenging.

Maya: “No, not really. I was actually surprised at the discipline the girls have. But we are all in the same boat. We want the finals, and no one wants to get DQed on a substance test. We all see the future in this to some degree. But let me pause here. Of course, we are adults, we have our lives outside, we party. Especially in beach volleyball, getting a cold one on the beach is literally embedded into the culture. But we make certain to keep within the boundaries… and not go into a play on a hangover.”

At the Observer, we guess the CU team would need to be clean (give or take some alcohol), it seems court discipline is more what is needed, so Maya turned to that next:

Maya: “So, I told you I joined the team to escape the cycle of poverty, yea? When I signed in here at CU, I went for my first training and found myself standing in an empty gym with banner saying this team won a trophy in 2016 the last. 2016!!! I was about to cry, I tell you. A coach shows up, then a week or two later quits. And I thought, Maya, you make it or fucking die trying. Had pictures of me in uniform made for an advert, and I guess this is where sexy comes in play yea? Girls started to sign up, and I started pushing and pushing, and it got life of it’s own, in a month or two we had a team with full court and full bench. No coach, but everyone brought a little bit piece of themselves and damn was that a ride.”

It’s true that some sexy pictures help bring in the audience, but the girls are more than fit and attractive, they’re a team and Maya manages them, how was that going for her?

Maya: “So the management, that is a tough one. Doing the team paperwork does not help me with the school focus at all, no lie I am barely hanging on. Still it’s worth it! These girls are made of gold, making the captaining easy. What do I look for in people? That drive to push past the comfort zone. Fight until you cry. And then fight while crying. And even if if fails? Shout it out and come back stronger. It is amazing to see this. And if you ask what is hardest? Managing relationships versus the game. It is hard to keep any good relationship in top sport when those you care for do not understand that the game has to be your priority one.”

Daiyu: “That’s great, so you’ve got a really focused view on looking after your team and I get that bit about managing priorities. I can’t keep my journalists straight, they want to be THE story, not write about it… So anything else you wanted to add? Anything to close us on?”

Maya: “So the final message, huh? The time to thank mom and dad and wish for the global peace? I got nothing. People should come in and get some fun out of us playing. And when it comes to me, I do not care if they come to see my tits bouncing when I dive for the ball, or admire our skill. Volleyball is a good sport, all around and complex and deserves the highlight. So thank you for giving it it’s due, seriously. Cause I think a lot of girls may find their alternative to no.1 job in Hathian: shaking ass at the stripper pole. Pro sport is a thing. And if not? You’ll at least run faster!”

((With thanks to Maya for photos!))

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