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Our series on the Columtreal Volleyball team continues. Last wee we talked to you about the structure of the competition and the competitors. This week we feature the results of matches that were scheduled as well as an interview with the University’s head ball player Maya who joined us in the studio to chat through the competition, her background and more.

Match Results

Hathian Rainbow Squirtles vs Abeville Spiked Bunch – 4.8.2023 at Abeville Beach Club

The nerve wrecking matchup of Hathian Rainbow Squirtles vs Abeville Spiked Bunch at Abeville Beach Club ended up with an intense battle to the end and hard fought W for Hathian CU team.

After an extremely tight back and forth first set, the Rainbows literally stole their way to the tight 25:23 score.

Abeville Spiked Bunch replied true to their name and returned into the second set with an unbelievable barrage of spikes aimed at Smith, delivering a crushing 15:21, sending the game into the third set.

At the conclusion of this battle of titans, the Smith-Flores duo kept the pace with Aberville Spikers who took lead for the first 3/4 of the set, before the Hathian squad overtook them and finished the extended set at hard earned 18:16, bringing their first tournament game home in celebration!

Hathian Lollipop Squad vs Morgan City Set – 4.8.2023 at Morgan City Youth Center

The matchup of the Hathian Lollipop Squad vs Morgan City Set For Life, brought an intense duel of spikes. The Hathian team entered the game with unhinged aggression as Reyes crowded the net with endless right handed barrages to deliver a crushing results of 21:6 for the first set.

The Morgan City Set for Life responded in the second set by delivering 21:18 upon the Hathian squad while Reyes seemed to start to struggle. Eventually medical intervention was necessary for her left hand injury, but the game resumed, ending up the second set in favour of the Morgans.

A renewed hustle seen the Hathian Lollipops come back into the game with a solid backcourt protection from Bishop in the third set. Another medical break paused the play as a spike from Reyes hit Morgan City’s Mina Mendoza in the face, only to follow up with another medical pause after Bundercluntz’ ball caused a severe nosebleed upon Hathian’s Erica Bishop. The tense set was finally brought to an end by Bishop’s backcourt spike setting the final score to 16:14, ending the game in uneasy Hathian victory of the first round.

Hathian Pink Spiders vs Galliano’s Hits and Giggles 4.8.3023 at Galliano Central Park

The first round matchup ended up in a smooth sailing cruise with a violent twist for The Hathian Pink Spiders who entered the court with confidence. Equipped with surplus Holy Moly donuts and Rock Hard Boba Milkshakes, the Wesson-Lekach squad took over the court in the first set with overpowering spike strength and ended the set, chalking up victory at 21:19 as the Galliano’s Hits and Giggles kept up with the score, but never managed to take over the lead.

The second set started with an attempt of Galliano’s finest to force their way through an excessive spike barrage at Hathian’s Eva Lekach, resulting in a heated exchange of words with referee calling in sportsmanship double faults resulting in three consecutive rally repeats at which point a spike from Hathian’s Rachel Wesson took out Galliano’s Samara Brousard causing severe face bruising.

The match had to be paused to provide medical assistance and the referees consulting on possible DQ for Pink Spiders due to intent. However the ruling on intent was negative and the match then finished with complete dominance of the Pink Spiders, ending the set with 21:9 and first round victory for Hathian Pink Spiders.

Oh Captain My Captain

Maya in the Studio with our editor Daiyu Tang

Daiyu: “So, first of all, let’s clear up perhaps my confusion. Can you tell me the difference between volleyball and beach volleyball? Our readers loved the pictures and I wanted to clarify for them what they were actually going out to support?”

Maya: “So yeah, there are two similar but different games, the beach volleyball and hall volleyball. One has the positions, this is the hall version and the beach version has only two players in a team, so yea, basically everyone does everything there. And that is the tournament we are in now.”

Daiyu: “Right, so I misunderstood, I just was reviewing some of the material I dug out… I did wonder why there were so many positions when you had a team of two… So you’re doing a the beach version to get some practice in during the break and then you’ll revert to a full setup. Got it…”

Maya: “Yea, the primary focus of the CU volleyball team within the Looter trademark is the indoor volleyball. It is what the whole season will be about. The tournament we are participating in is basically a summer break fill for our activity, and introduction for our new players to the tournament pressure and atmosphere. Do not want to enter the season with players who were never set to the stress of the clutch situation. So, two sports, we play both, indoor is primary, the beach is for the summer break. You got it right with the positions, and I think it will be good if readers know this before the main season!”

Daiyu: “Great, can you tell me a bit about the misconceptions that beach volleyball brings? What I mean about misconceptions is at least the beach kind is well, seen over where I’m from as a sexualised sport for women… arguments about outfits for example are quite common…”

Maya: “Alright. Let us start with the whole beach volleyball controversy, that is a good one. So in 2021 the Norway team decided they do not see a reason to play their sport in a bikini. So they put on shorts, like guys have. And got fined. This caused a huge uproar in the community and outside. So yea, the rules have changed after that, women players no longer need to run around in bikini bottoms or tiny sport tops and this has been in effect in since 2022. Personally I am thinking it a good change. More focus on the sport, less focus on our asses.”

Daiyu: “Got you, although the consumes you guys have are still pretty nice… But it’s good that it’s a little more equal now. Moving past that, tell me a bit more about how you got involved in this?”

Maya: “So, yea, me and Volleyball. It started back in Houma, my home town just a bit off from Hathian. My family is not exactly rich or anything, but I suppose they did okay signing me up on a team from elementary. It was pretty much that, or doing drugs and run with gangs. I suppose there was a bit of that even when on the team, can’t cure everything by sport session twice a week. And the game stuck with me, I had a talent, was a little taller than most girls in my class, it made sense. When it came to University, I knew I was good. I am not maybe the smartest girl around, I ain’t escaping poverty being a lawyer or a doctor.”

“But I can push myself. And there are unique four years of my life where I will have a chance to impress some agent and get dragged into pro sport. Maybe Olympics, you know? Sky is the limit. We will see…”


Our second part of our interview with Maya will feature in our next match report. Until then Hathian, Happy Spiking!

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