Kiss My Ace – Beach Volleyball (Go Looters!)

Ready... SET... SPIKE!

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Hey Hathian, we’ve got some hot sports related news for you today. It includes, sun, sand, skimpy costumes (probably) and lots of balls. Beach Balls. It’s Beach Volleyball season!

Columtreal University are proud to introduce to Hathian three teams that this year will be competing in the cross-state University level competition to try and bring back the booty to the University in more ways than one.

Louisiana’s Kiss My Ace Beach Volleyball

The university has assured me that it has managed to field three full teams of future stars who all study at Columtreal ready to do their best against a variety of other teams in the competition.

The tournament will last through the month of August and shall be played in several hosting towns including our very own Hathian where you can expect to see the three teams below face off against the best that New Orleans and other parishes can throw at the Looters

Your teams

The CU Looter colors shall be represented by:

The Rainbow Squirtles who comprise Maya Flores and Samantha Smith! (featured in our cover image)


The Pink Spiders who are Rachel Wesson and Eva Lekach (and who can be seen below with their team logo!)


Last, but by no means least the Lollipop Squad featuring Camille Reyes and Erica Bishop! We’re awaiting a picture of this team, but we’ll be sure to show you them and all the beach action as it happens!

The Pink Spiders – Photo Courtesy of CU

Assume the position(s)

Did you know that volleyball has a wide variety of positions? Each week we will feature one and if we can get an interview with one of the Hathian CU team in that position so she can tell you her side of the game.

This week we’ll start with the Setter and one of the key CU players in this position is Maya Flores who we hope to get an interview with shortly!

Setter – They call the shots and dictate what happens on court. They’re master communicators and natural leaders. They’re often the team captain and even when they’re not, they need to act like one. During serve reception, the setter’s primary responsibility is to accurately ‘set’ the second touch into the perfect hitting window for the outside, opposite, or middle hitter to kill the ball.

Competition Format

The Observer will be following the tournament closely and hoping to get some good shots of all the action. We expect the action to happen over the next five weeks (inclusive of finals!) as our three teams battle against the others in their group to settle, the ultimate question.

Looters – Can you play with balls!?

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