CU Cheer Team – Disneyland Cheerleading World

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By: CU Sports Correspondent & CU Cheer Team

Photos: Shilo (LINK) / Daiyu / Others.

Reporting from the Cheerleading Worlds event being being at Walt Disney World Resort from April 26th 29th 2024, we’re following the CU Cheer Team in the competition

For those who don’t know the Cheerleading World Championship started in 2004 with 14 teams and now has over 500 teams in the 2024 event. There are several cheer team categories including: All Girl Cheer, Coed Cheer, Stunt, Doubles, Pom, Hip Hop, Jazz, High Kick, and ParaCheer. They are also available at the youth and junior levels. So, there’s a lot of cheering happening here!

The Columtreal Squad is an all girl cheer! The members, for those who need a reminder are the following girls (click to expand):

Other members of the cheer squad who are present at the competition include Cheerleaders Kimmy, McKenna, and Anais. They’re due for their date in the photo studio soon!

We done our campus famous Cheer fu routine and kicked the competition from coast to coats being the new hot team on the major scene we actual came in 1st with a few points in it , close to almost being wiped out but the girls cheer fu all the way to the top!.

Stunt Review

Three of the CU team entered into various individual stunt competitions. The team have three flyers on the squad. Buffy, Brooke and Shilo who all put their effort in, so much so that the Observer had the misfortune to see Shilo actually take a tumble and suffer a fracture. With medical aid she seemed ok and she’s a Looter and made of stern stuff! Once casted up she was back to support her teammates. In terms of results, Captain Brooke earned a respectful 3rd place as a gymnast despite only joining CU last year! However the Observer was able to witness the amazing team coach Coach Buffy who blew the judges away earning 1st place in some of the individual competitions. Go Buffy! Go Looters!

Pompom & Other Floor Skill Review

Prior to her tumble in Stunts, Shilo had joined Iris and went all in with their Pompom’s. It has to be said, at least from the Observer’s vantage point they also went all in shaking their asses… Shaking and shimmying their way 2nd place with what we think was meant to be a street style dance routine with a spicy cheer routine added to it. We heard rumbles that some of the local staff for the event thought the spicy was a little too spicy! In either case, it was perhaps a reflection on the style the CU team choose that they didn’t come first and had to settle for second in their event. But second is nothing to sniff at and the the girls sure made sure to rock (shake) the hall!

A Successful Cheer

According to the girls, except for Shilo breaking her arm it was a great competition. We heard that they had met Micky Mouse and had an amazing time throughout both the Championship itself and at Disneyland. Parks, Pools, Rides and Eyecandy for the girls… (We heard they found the mixed gender team competitions quite eye opening!).

Overall it was a good haul for the CU team, with a good a good set of medals and a cup for the cabinet on campus! Congratulations to the team from all at the Observer!

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