HPD – “We P*ss On Gangs”

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((This article is posted to the Observer Website only and would have ICLY (and if needed OOCLY) trigger warning for the blurred photo that follows the article which contains reference to bodily fluid))

The Observer was visited today by HPD Twitter flavour of the month, Officer Vélez, who fresh of being (re)confirmed as being banned at Fit Box and being identified as part of the HGH hostage situation as having poor trigger discipline came to the Observer. She stated she was here to to lay down what was an official statement about the HPD’s recent successes with the Yuugen. The image above attests to one of their more recent ‘successes’ whereby they arrested, jailed (and then failed to prevent leaving) the leader of the Yuugen, Tori. But this article isn’t about her, it’s about HPD’s next target.

Twitter of one of Vélez’s recent things

Operation Rolling Thunder

Veléz started to explain to our Observer sub-editor about how the HPD had broken the Yuugen via ‘Operation Rolling Thunder’. When asked what success was, she was quick to answer:

Veléz: “Success means that we have seen a large drop in Yuugen activity, likewise we have not had any rape or gang rapes being reported since the HGH incident. While some identified Yuugen members still roam around, its mostly on their own, and not in crowds like we saw before we started cracking down on them”

When asked what the next goal would be for the HPD, she was quick to answer:

Vélez: “Now we are shifting our focus to the rest of this shithead alliance, cracking down on the Boners and the Refucks. We have started to pay extra attention to King Street, to disrupt the King Street Gnomes and Refucks turf. We fucked them over just a few days ago, like they deserve. Oh and fear not, we are still vigilant on thumbing down the Cougarrashi as well.”

The Observer notes the proper names for these gangs at the King Street Bones, The Rejects and the Kogarashi.

Rejected Merchandise

Readers, we at the Observer wish you to be aware that officer Vélez is clearly not that normal. For a year or two we’ve seen your complaints about Fyre, or about Grig or about any number of other officers out there you didn’t like. Officers that appear good to us (of which we can recommend a few if you ever need real help) have had to keep a small profile to try and avoid the gang spotlight and the general hate that goes the HPD way.

Vélez is in a different league. As we said in our previous article, when she announced targeting anyone not HPD, we asked you ‘are you weak?’ Well, it appears that the officer thinks one of the Hathian gangs is, choosing to use a presumably confiscated or stolen Reject armband… to wee on. In our office. We have only one thing left to say…

“Hathian, are you weak?”

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