Another Reject Reign Of Terror?

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By Sarah-Michelle Buffy Gage, Campus Editor

On 27th April after a tip-off at the Observer office, one of our team of reporters discovered a body at the District 8 park. There was blood found at the scene which led to the body.

The corpse showed signs of probable torture and violence and it was concluded this was the work of the notorious and nefarious violent gang, knows as the Rejects, who have plagued Hathian since its beginnings like a dog poop on its shoe it cant get rid of.

How did we come to this conclusion?

It was probably the word “Rejects” carved into the victims back to be honest.

You can’t say we aren’t bright sparks at the Hathian Observer.

One of our reporters investigating the scene before contacting the HPD

Grisly photographs have been leaked to the Observer of the victim, and this editor obtained some information from an HPD source that the victim was abused before or after death:


“the man was raped anally, as he had sticky substances over his clothing when the deed was done.” – unnamed HPD source

I can also confirm that the victim worked at the hospital, though a name wasn’t disclosed by our source. I reached out to the Fire Department of Hathian (FDH) but Doe Narumi of the department refused to confirm or deny any requests for information, even when bribed with the temptation of sugary donuts.

It seems the Rejects are back to their old tricks. Which include tormenting citizens, spreading fear, and even assaulting our very own reporters.

Be safe out there Hathian.

Watch your back, stay in numbers, and keep a rape alarm handy.

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