We, The Animals Of Hathian

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By: Carrie Day

Recently, I had the “pleasure” of interviewing one of Hathian’s ‘Finest’, or so they seem to call themselves. Lieutenant Landon Frye was nice enough to meet me for a one on one interview. I have to tell you folks, even I was shocked. Read on to find out why!

I began by asking him how the HPD was responding to the recent allegations and of course, hit a brick wall of mumbo jumbo about internal matters being private. Evening claiming that all the stories were rumours and nothing more!

“The talk-around-town holds little water, Miss Day…” “…This year has barely begun and we’re seeing the Observer back on the offensive with further outstanding officers and pillars of the community finding their names unfairly tarnished…”


Now what these statements indicate to me, is that not only is the police department NOT investigating any of the recent allegations, but later statements even seem to show that they condone these actions, that we, as a people, DESERVE IT!

(The Observer editorial team wish residents (who?) that don’t know, that the Lt. is actually a ‘Fyre’, not a ‘frye’, although small frye fyre has a ring to it? When asked, our journalist didn’t wish to correct this!)

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