Three Little Piggies

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By: Anonymous

Three decapitated pig’s heads impaled on stakes were driven into the ground outside of the Hathian Police Department.

The notes hanging from each individual pig’s head claimed a different officer’s name.

Dexter BlackWe know what you’ve done

Carter EllisWe know what you’ve done

Ziau Adachi – We know what you’ve done

Who the ‘we’ is from these notes is not yet known but it is known that allegations of rape and brutality have been made against the three officers.

The very public statement these pigs heads imply will no doubt fuel conversations within the city about the use of force and alleged perpetuation of sexual assault against citizens that see the insides of the precinct.

It also appears that an angry civilian faction will take measures into their own hands when police use their own to internally investigate and reprimand or punish their officers. Statements from HPD Media Officer Atsuko (See her Twitter: here) seemed to do nothing to quell civilian upset.

At the moment, the city of Hathian is no closer to moving away from this “traditional disciplinary model” and yet many would argue for a third- party neutral body that could investigate and enforce disciplinary measures and mete out any appropriate punishment deemed necessary on a LEO.

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