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Mu Yheng Obituary

The Observer today publishes this obituary of Hathian resident Mu Yheng who died on or around the 7th November 2022 in circumstances involving the Hathian Police Department.

Mu was killed in an apparent altercation with the police. This encounter, although fatal, was a situation that was common in his life in Hathian where trouble seemed to follow him, which until now he had navigated to the point of ‘only’ imprisonment.

Readers with long memories will of course remember his part in the Hathian ‘Hunger Games‘ as well as more recently, the infamous siege of the Hathian General Hospital. Sources within HPD also point to a rap sheet littered with sexual assaults against the female citizens of Hathian, which sometimes led to those he loved or were considered family suffering the cycle of violence in return.

But No-One is One Dimensional

Mu by the accounts of many was a complex character. The few photos that exist of him exemplify this. A tinder picture (top right) scraped from his profile showed a nervous looking young man sporting a waistcoat and cuts on his face, while a photo somewhere in Hathian, perhaps during happier times showed a tousled smiling man in a lumberjack shirt, with bite marks and scratches. His conduct and behaviour challenged those who knew him as he could flit between a certain style and another; our final photo below showing him photographed during the HGH siege.

Our investigation shows that he was born to Korean and Chinese parents with some connection to crime. Arriving in Hathian the Observer understands he struggled with DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) which impacted those around him. Some of our contacts referred to knowing him as Jin, while others spoke of ‘Black’. While in Hathian his police record took off as he fell into the orbit of people like Tori and her worldview. Those who knew him said that he was a wildcard, but that he did have times when people found him to be passionate and tender.

His relationship with the Yheng family was known although whether this family or the adopted family of the Yuugen were the stronger driving force in his activities can only be known to his family, including his children. Irrespective of how some will remember him, he will leave behind family and friends who miss him and cherish his memory. With the Yheng family records in Hathian stretching back as long as this newspaper remembers, he surely leaves behind a family whom he had protected, fostered and supported.

A cloud in his life in this newspaper’s opinion was that he took delight in applying the teachings of a woman who can only be described as his mentor; Tori Yamato with whom he was often seen with in both social and violent situations and whom he appeared to adore. Tori, who likely encouraged his darker side to come out as part of her nihilistic games and approach to life had this to say to the Observer Editor when news of an Obituary broke.

“I found out my little brother died by your fucking insensitive probing. No answers to how. No answer to why, though I can guess that at least. I didn’t want others to find out the same. And because of your announcement, I have people now getting contacted by others who think it’s hilarious and those celebrating his death and saying he got what he deserved. True or not, it hurt people I care about and it’s your fault. You and that fucking mother of his who wanted to fuck him rather than teach him how to protect himself and do things smart. So you can go right to hell, Daiyu. You will answer for the people you hurt who matter to me. Just as I take what is dealt to me by the loved ones of the people I hurt. It is the cycle of fucking life. So do me a favor and shut the fuck up and leave me to my grief that my brother is gone.”

Tori Yamato

Life is hard for people and Mu seemed by all accounts to have a tough start and then negative influences that reinforced the bad and trained away the good. While his death can be blamed on a HPD gunshot, his ways and means aren’t, in the view of the Observer the fault of them, or Mu’s Yheng mother, or much of anyone other than Tori and her life view. Given a chance at healing, medicine and truthful, free love, many are left wondering, could the young man on the bicycle still be with us today with different choices, supported by different friends? Maybe. Would he have wanted that? We don’t know.

In Death

For his last act it is claimed that Mu had shot an officer and stabbed others. Perhaps it was true he was involved with the terror inflicted on Atsuko, perhaps it was true he left a card for HPD mocking what was done to her. Some rumours claim that HPD took a shot to stop him and unlike many other times, this time Mu was unlucky, taking a lethal hit. Others say the shot was aimed and calculated to kill, that HPD had had enough of terrorism and predatory behaviour on their own or even that he was disarmed on the ground and then killed. Whatever the truth, (which can only be written by the victors, making it unreliable) he went out how he had often be found before; caught by responding police, a woman on the ground near him.

The final mystery, as to where the body is (HGH, CU Clinic, Mourning Wood and others were all approached but declined to comment, as did HPD). Everyone deserves a chance to rest and a family to grieve, so this newspaper encourages those involved to release the body to the family and reprimands Hathian PD who it appears made no effort to contact the family. While Tori’s threats are preposterous, it is fair to ask, why the family was ignored.

All donations, well wishes or flowers can be sent to the Yheng family at the Midnight Mandarin. The Observer comments section is open for moderated comments that should remain respectful.

I hope all our readers stay safe and remember the shortness of life and how it should be protected.

Rest in Peace Mu Yheng on your final ride

((OOCLY: With lots of love from many Hathian residents, including Daiyu’s typist for the time, effort and energy Mu Yheng’s typist put into his RP, character, plots and more. The following photos are OOCLY, just small snapshots of some Mu’s highlights, many of you will have many more))

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