Police, Anarchists and Columtreal University

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By Zofia Lewandowska

I spend most of my time on campus and I know the place and the people around me. I like it here, it’s quieter and safer than Hathian or some of the other surrounding areas and the nightlife can be wild and kinky.

You may recall my recent article about Bleu Wag and owner Deman Turner; if not, you can read it here.

Deman is an interesting man and an anarchist. A few days ago he sent me a message with a letter he wished to have published. As I understand it he has already sent it to the Police in both Hathian (‘HPD’) and Columtreal (‘CUPD’). Having been asked to replicate it in our newspaper, we have published it as we received it. Should the CUPD or HPD wish to add anything then we are prepared to publish their response.

The Letter

Here is the letter as we received it:

Deman Turner
P.O. Box 1107
[email protected]

Subject: Unwarranted Police Presence and Intrusion into Academic Freedom

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this letter to express my profound concern and disappointment regarding the recent incident of unwarranted police presence both inside my classroom and around the vicinity of Columtreal University while I was engaged in the noble pursuit of teaching.

As a dedicated educator at Columtreal University and a fervent advocate for free speech and the exchange of ideas, I was shocked to witness law enforcement officers encroaching upon the sacred space of academic discourse. This incident not only violates the principles of academic freedom but also raises serious questions about the sanctity of democratic values we hold dear.

It is disheartening to witness an environment reminiscent of oppressive regimes where the mere act of engaging in open dialogue is met with intimidation and surveillance. The presence of law enforcement not only stifles the free exchange of ideas but also sends a chilling message to students and faculty that their academic pursuits are subject to unwarranted scrutiny.

Academic institutions, especially universities, are meant to be bastions of free thought, where diverse ideas can be explored and debated without fear of reprisal. The intrusion of law enforcement into this academic space is not only an affront to these values but also a dangerous precedent that echoes the tactics of dictatorial regimes.

I implore you to reconsider the necessity and appropriateness of such actions in the future. Upholding the principles of free speech and protecting academic freedom is not just a responsibility; it is a moral imperative that defines the character of our institutions.

I trust that you will address this matter with the seriousness it deserves and take immediate steps to ensure that the academic environment at Columtreal University remains a space where ideas can flourish without fear.


Deman Turner
Lecturer at Columtreal University


That’s all. That was the letter. Personally, I don’t mind the police presence on campus and I’m glad they help keep order and protect us from criminals. The CUPD especially, with brave officer Liam Exley who was injured in the last shooting incident here while heroically protecting students. And then from HPD, Officers Vanora and Lizzete who if they hadn’t come to the rescue, who knows how the incident would have turned out.

They are doing their jobs, serving and helping and risking their lives for us. But you’re entitled to your own opinion, we live in a democracy!

((OOCLY gallery of CU shootings from recent time where CUPD and HPD intervened. Images cannot be used IC – All the players together made great scenes))

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