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A few days ago on the 28th September, the Observer offices received a letter addressed to the Editor, delivered by someone who we didn’t recognise and who took care to conceal key details from our CCTV.

Drops of information or tips aren’t unusual and like good journalists, we respect your right to privacy so haven’t tried to identify this individual further. As always, if you have information about any current topics or potential investigations, do drop us a line.

Our editor read the letter, which is reproduced below for you:

The letter received at the Observer

As our editor announced on Twitter, these things can often be a Hoax (especially when they say they’re not a hoax and are in October, spooky season). The Observer has previously reported on such hoaxes. However, Hathian does also have a wide history of individual psychos, gangs or groups (for example the Scarlett Hand) doing wider scale criminality to advance whatever agenda they have. We also have our local Hoppers, who from time to time can be seen wearing frightening costumes and going on rampages in Hathian for brides or just general violence.

This letter though has a number of interesting words:

  • ‘Carefully Planned and Orchestrated Operation’; operation and this language suggesting someone with military background. Hathian is full of ex-army or ex-police. Some of the ‘Scarlett Hand’ probably fall into this bucket.
  • ‘I am writing to Inform you’; No crass language here, rather the start of some official letter. ‘To Whom it May Concern’, or ‘Dear Madam Editor’, the language is formal showing education behind the threats. While we may have used a picture of Ain Hopper as our lead here, it would appear that unless Sydney (apologies Warden, you’ve got a family name) wrote this we can discount the Hoppers.
  • ‘Al those innocent and guilty alike’; this is the first touch of weirdness. Ignoring the spelling mistake, if the issue is with the system, then it would just be the guilty who would be punished (whether that’s the HPD, or a particular faction the author has issue with). The fact it’s got ‘innocent’ in there is confusing… what group would sow chaos because of chaos? Tori and her cronies are the first that come to mind, but this letter feels ‘small’ in terms of impact; Tori normally goes bigger for her event announcements…
  • ‘A serious and credible threat’; again military language, like disaster management? Perhaps a vigilante group? Perhaps some of HCS like Why have finally flipped?

At this stage, with just this letter, our Editor asked around a few sources, but none in the gangs or HPD could confirm that they were aware of any threat, or Group planning mayhem on October 14th.

All we can say to Hathian Citizens is to be careful, lock your doors and beware… gangs and ghoulies lurk out there during the spooky season.

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