Queerly Ever After: Adventures in the Backwaters

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Reflections on The L[aveau]GBT+ Community

Written by Solan X

It wasn’t too long ago that the LGBT+ community in Laveau felt like a story whispered in dark alleys by drug dealers. Myths surrounding gender and an intense war of words ignited social movements, compelling people to step out of the shadows and onto the streets. Pronouns like ‘they/them’ gained acceptance, no longer haunting school children, while crime rates continued to rise. But then, a glimmer of hope emerged – at first as support from our local establishments and eventually taking shape as a place.

In The Heart Of The Louisiana Backwaters Lies The Canvas Of This Tale.

Known colloquially as ‘that gay bar,’ Flamingo’s stands as a beacon of hope for those in search of a space where people, both similar and different, can coexist.

Image by Solan X

While the streets of Laveau remain full of treacherous and dubious activity — the glowing lights of this little bar act light a beacon of hope for those who drift near its brick walls. It’s here that you can pop in for a quick drink, dance to the tunes of obscure disc jockey’s or process pain through exposure therapy in the basement of its bowels. It’s important to highlight the significance of these urban lighthouses in the city because much like the people who fill their spaces—they often remain invisible to the masses. While this can be the result of a safety-strategy just as well as coincidence, awareness of these spaces helps strengthen our connection.

Flamingo’s isn’t a place that promises to solve all your problems; it’s more akin to a chessboard where pawns play their part in a grand game of chance. The magic unfolds in how we navigate these situations and contribute to the evolving narrative. This, in turn, allows us to collectively build something small that eventually becomes significant.

It’s crucial to give credit to the dedicated individuals who make it possible for us to find welcoming spaces. Ultimately, it’s their efforts that breathe life into a space, ensuring its existence for years to come. These moments deserve recognition along our journey—and I hope you’ll take a moment to pop in to stimulate your “queeriosity” along the way.

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