A Predator Farming On The Dark Web (PT. 1)

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Perversions of the sex trade and torture instruments lie around the room we see on the footage retrieved from the illicit and hidden chat room.

But reader, much before we watched this footage, the Observer had visited another location, where a stained bench covered with tools that in a better world would be for food, hunting, medical work or bushcraft lay scattered. Here they were blood spattered instruments of apparent torture, the discovery of which led to a chain that included this dark web footage and even now refuses to unravel fully. The events serve as a dark warning to citizens in Hathian.

Readers, join the Observer’s Editor on one of her investigative reports as she delves into a murky world that covers Columtreal University, the Backwaters and Hathian. Daiyu has covered corrupt officers and their sex dungeons, the Scarlett Hand and their kidnappings and more, but here… reader, the ripple of what we discovered continues to expand.

Drawing in students, HPD officers, medical workers and more it paints a sordid picture of violence, sex and mental disturbance. During her investigations she reported being met with fear, silence and finger pointing, as well as the sharp end of some of the craziness that can be attributed to the puppeteer spider. A spider sitting on delicate threads waiting for flies to catch. A spider scheming over who he will brutalise next. A Spider Called James.

So join us reader on this tale… This journey starts with a spate of kidnappings on the Columtreal Campus…

Kidnappings On Campus

The Observer briefly covered in August a spate of kidnappings on campus. These involved students being attacked and kidnapped. A detailed report covering one of the attacks, including an interview with the victim and then confirmation of a perpetrator, Zofia Lewandowska. The Observer was made aware of kidnappings of students, and even Charlie and Em Bundy who it was alleged were almost set on fire.

These kidnappings which at the time were not given a published motive can be exclusively revealed as an attempt by Lewandowska to try and ascertain whether people she knew, who in her view owed a debt of silence on certain topics would crack if pressure was applied to them. Perhaps some attacks were also commissioned by the spider in this article. But what caused this behaviour, how was Zofia switched to do these things? Afterall, tying people to stakes, kidnapping them to a dungeon and more isn’t the normal, sane way of verifying someone’s ability to keep a secret, even for a slightly cracked Vegan protestor. Using torture, or the threat of torture wouldn’t be the first option for someone balanced, someone who would perhaps have considered these people their friends in the past…

What Cracked Zofia?

Zofia reader, was and perhaps in some small ways, still could be considered my friend (and is now a colleague at the Observer, I guess keep your friends close and your enemies closer could never be more true?). I guess researching this case has helped me better understand the trauma that she has likely gone through which has caused her to shatter and crack. Will I really forgive her for pretending to auction me, after gassing and stringing me up in fear of my life? I’m not sure. I doubt it will ever be the same again because while people get hurt, get really hurt, they don’t have to turn into monsters to their friends… friends… family, they’re the one constant in life and if you can’t rely on them then… it’s not that kind of relationship. Zofia should know, I did what I could to free her from the grasp of Camden when she was taken.

So who or what was it… well, remember this name reader. He goes by the name of Jimmy or James. But before we get onto him we need to touch on Mariana and Zofia a touch more.

The Torture Shack

I accompanied HPD Lieutenant Landon Fyre as we went looking for the shack where some of Zofia’s victims claimed they were tied up in. We found it and matched it to photos that Zofia herself had posted to the internet. But it was less the shack that interested me, it was why the hell had Zofia cracked in the first place. Sure, she could be claim this or that, or justify her rampage against other students to ‘test their loyalty’, but it never made sense. This was Zofia, the slightly loopy Vegetarian, not some cunning Hathian criminal.

The Lieutenant and I spoke about what might have made Zofia crack and we also found that some of the blood, some of the items were movie props, fakes. It was… confusing at best. Certainly some of the attacks had been violent, while others perhaps were staged to make the victim feel fear… It still wasn’t Zofia though.

We spoke about a whisper. A whisper that was repeated through the campus from student, to CUPD officer, even to general citizens. “James…’ / ‘Jimmy’ / ‘Watch out for that one’ / ‘He’s scary’ / ‘I can’t go on record…’ / ‘I’d tell a Reject to fist themselves before messing with Jimmy’ / ‘I can’t talk, I’ve promised or I’ll be hurt”

Voices. Voices of Hathian showing their fear.

And it came about… that we found the link. Jimmy had taken Zofia. He had taken her before all the shit started. Before her craziness, before Mariana.

Mariana? Reader, that’s Zofia’s split personality… they look the same but dress differently and Mariana even has a Spanish or similar accent. Research with medical professionals indicates that getting an accent randomly, can happen, sometimes via a coma or extreme trauma and the more details I got about what we think happened to Zofia, the more it seemed plausible. So CUPD, if you’re reading this article, you’ll find Mariana a DNA test away from Zofia.

But now with the background to why Zofia was acting up, we need to turn our attention to James / Jimmy and his ‘Dark Web’

The One That Even The Police Worry About

Hathian has a range of baddies. We all know them; whether it’s the gangs, the crazies, the crazy gangs. You know it, they know it… Some have even been suggested to post their victims to the Dark Web, their executions; their murders.

After investigation with HPD and after the careful infiltration of one such Dark Web chat-room we found a secret, a secret that perhaps is the root of Zofia and Mariana. A secret caused by James, as he profits from the distribution of ultra-violence against those he captures.

Jimmy, never showing his face to the camera tortures Zofia on the stream

Our retrieved videos of the encounter are too graphic to reproduce here, but they included shocks, needles and sexual abuse. There were at least two sessions that we were able to retrieve, although it is possible that more happened before our source was able to get access, or in other channels perhaps as a security precaution. Whether it is possible to consent to this kind of abuse, is not a matter I am qualified to say, but I would suggest that based on what we witnessed that in this instance it was not.

So Jimmy / James, a shadow and a whisper on campus… the question was who else had he abused and what, if anything, was HPD or the CUPD doing about it? As the net closes in on him (and from what we understand associates) has time been called on this pervert?

As to Zofia herself, why was she still alive? James appeared to have let her go… perhaps for a while he controlled Mariana. Perhaps that was why she went around on campus attacking people under his orders. Now, it appears the link is broken and Zofia appears as normal as she gets.

Here at the Observer we are taking the responsible position of informing you about this man, especially seeing as the Dean or other CU Authorities haven’t. There are other victims, but the Observer has chosen to keep them anonymous to prevent further predation.

Every ‘Good’ Baddie Needs A Sidekick

What story wouldn’t be complete without an enabler (or two) for the ‘big bad’? It’s here, we (sadly) find our medical community again… It really can be rather like Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde… And for our lead, we have Evangeline, a medical worker, sometimes seen around campus, HGH and possibly the Backwaters.

Our investigations showed that under the guise of running some type of drug rehabilitation group that people were recruited to it who were then exposed horrors.

Evangeline Grantly – she’ll sign you up for ‘treatment’

“There were rules right away, that you had to be without clothes at all time, you had to sleep inside the table which was sort of like a cage, no phones, and so on, it was like a cult.”

Our Witness talks to the Observer Editor

We asked them for a few more key details that might explain both Jimmy and Evangeline’s roles:

Witness: “Isolation, sleep deprivation, making moves when the subject is in a vulnerable state. The cult induces feelings of shame and/or guilt in order to influence and or control members. Many little things like for instance… I had to eat out of dogs bowl on the floor…”

Witness: “She (Evangeline) gives him medicine, they say it is to keep the monster away, but even with the medicine, we have to stay locked away from him at night. I think he murdered his daughter’s boyfriend as well, someone called Brad, Brad. Where are times where it seems like Evangeline was helping me… But I cannot shake the thought it may have been part of the indoctrination process.”

The Observer gives thanks to our witnesses and as we, along with HPD move towards hopefully seeing justice served, we give thanks that they were able to escape and bring us these warnings.

To Be Continued…

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