Wicked Studios – Casting Call

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Wicked Studios in Laveau is expanding its productions to include more traditional films in the Horror Genre. We are pleased to announce a casting call for all parts in our first Horror Film to be released this fall.

Plot Summary

A group of college co-eds decide to spend the weekend in the woods where they find an ancient book written in Latin. When he book is opened and the words are read aloud and ancient evil entity is released to seek his revenge against all mankind. The co-eds try to run, try to hide, try to fight, but nobody is safe from impalement by the Marshmallow Man.

It is anticipated this film will receive and R rating for adult situations, partial nudity, drugs, smoking, alcohol, blood, gore, and language.

Want To Get Involved?

For more information stop by Wicked Studios in Laveau or contact Carlos ((Chong Diabolito)) Diabolito at 281-7668.

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