HGH Reflections – Luxure Lights The Way

$410k and rising for the HGH charity.

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On the 4th August, Hathian citizens gathered in their fine suits and dresses to raise more money for the HGH rebuild. The event, a ‘Black Tie’ do, was held at the Luxure nightclub and was hosted by the owners Bowen MacRieve and Ashlee Redenblack.

Spinning the decks was DJ Poppy, who is rapidly becoming one of the premier Hathian DJs, although this reporter is worried about burn out!

The event raised over $110k for the HGH fund, including the matched donations from the owners and will be added to the already super-impressive total that the HCS are managing on behalf of the town.

From Ashlee’s Twitter

Remember you can approach Hathian Civil Services to discuss a need for charitable support if you were impacted by the events at the HGH. You can apply for aid with instructions on this tweet, or speak with Why Verdandi directly.

Our editor caught up with Bowen to capture his reaction:

“I wanted to thank everyone for a great event. It was amazing to see so many people of Hathian coming together for a great cause. Those that attended looked so stunning and it was a nice change to see them all as they were. With the contributions of those attending and the Lions family, we were able to donate $110,300 to the rebuilding of the new Hathian hospital. Thank you all again and we look forward to the next event you wish to have with us.”


Our Photographer Captured The Event

John Childermass, the well known Hathian photographer for the Observer was present and captured a wide range of photos from the event. Some of our favourites are shown below, but you can see the full set at this link.

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