HGH Reflections – Black Tie Charity Event At Luxure Lounge

"We are Hathian, a community. Together we will set aside one night, set aside our differences and we will come together for an event that will shape our future" - Bowen MacRieve

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The entrance to club Luxure - owned by the Lion Family
The entrance to the Luxure - a premium nightclub in Hathian

The Observer is pleased to announce that the Luxure Lounge, a premium club experience in Hathian (Vodou district) is, along with their owner Bowen MacRieve rolling out all the stops to give Hathian a night to remember (for free) while also supporting the rebuilding of the HGH through both monetary donation and gifts in kind.

Hold The 4th August (1pm – 4pm SLT)

The event ((see link to CD calendar here)) is being held as a fundraiser by Bowen MacRieve and Ashlee Redenblack. Ashlee, COO of Lions Logistics & Warehouses and Bowen who has extensive business interests in Hathian are looking to host an event that is for all of Hathian.

The Observer has sometimes featured the generosity of the Lions before, this article from 2020 shows their support to research and development in the medical space. We are really glad that they are taking their link with the city forward and working on the rebuild that all the community needs…

“We, the Lions family and LL Warehouses want to first send our deepest condolences to those affected by the terroristic actions of those criminals. Our thoughts and prayers are with those recovering and the Hathian police for quelling such an endeavour. We are here for our community, The Lions have worked with the hospital in the past sponsoring blood drives, helped funding with the R&D department with James Matfield and provided other services as needed.”

Bowen MacRieve

In a piece of showmanship, set against the luxury of Luxure Bowen told us that: “On August 4th, between 1 and 4pm ((SLT)), we will be hosting a black tie event here at my club fund-raising for the hospital. The Lions family are matching donations made during and after the event to help fund the new Hathian Hospital and anything it needs.”

When asked how he would appeal to everyone in Hathian, some of whom probably haven’t been to his club before he added: “We want everyone to feel like they are more than what they are. A homeless man on the street to the wealthiest of the city. We want to bring them here for an event that will make everyone take a night to remember how it feels. I will bring those here for the event and make sure all have attire that need it. Treat all as that higher social class. Rise them above the dirt that we see every day on the street. One night here in Luxure, August 4th; come and be more. Donate if you wish to the new hospital and we will take care of you.”

So for all of you out there who perhaps don’t have black tie or an evening dress, it appears that if you really need help, you can perhaps contact Bowen at his office on Main Street for some support. Knowing Hathian most people do seem to have a range of outfits for all events, but with this generous offer of suit and dress hire there really is no excuse not to get free drinks for a good cause and if you can make a donation.

Additional Support for HGH Rebuild

With the Pawn Shop and HCS already raising a huge amount of funding, it was clear that the HGH disaster had touched a heartstring across the town. $300,000 had already been raised (source: here) and now the Observer is pleased to hear about further support from Lions Logistics businesses.

  • First, LL Warehouses will be volunteering trucks to help with the haul away and clean up of the former hospital site, saving time and cost for local reconstruction efforts
  • Secondly, a separate area of Lion warehouses will be set aside to help hold new construction materials at no cost to the firms the town chooses to use to rebuild the hospital. Security and safety of materials will reduce risk.
  • Third, Lions will donate and sponsor the ongoing costs of a shuttle to help those in need get to and from the medical clinics that the hospital staff and the college have set up

Overall these seem a generous contribution in kind to the town and in conjunction with the Pawn Shop and HCS really show the generosity of local residents and businesses.

The Observer understands that Luxure has a no drugs and no weapons policy that will be enforced on the door by security. We would hope (but we know Hathian) that no one would think of disrupting a fundraising event.

Our reporters will try and be in attendance and offer photography for guests in their finery, so if you see John or Daiyu or another staff member, feel free to grab us for your snap.

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