HPD: Hathian Propaganda Department

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(A sloppily written, vague illegal “legal threat” made to Hathian Observer Signed by Capt. Julian Heckler, Hathian Police Department and Addison Wescott, Attorney at Law.)

Freedom of the press is legally protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. For our democracy to work we are entitled to inform and be informed. Censorship, disinformation and threats from government and law enforcement to freedom of the press risk undermining our great American democracy. 

Hathian Observer has been informed by Hathian Police Department that all articles about HPD must be vetted (censored) by an HPD Media Officer. HO reporters have been tasered, violently attacked, detained, had photographs illegally deleted from their cameras, and forced to watch our newspapers burned in front of them by multiple HPD officers led by Capt. Heckler, who told HO reporters “I would hate to see this nice thing you have here putting you all in danger.” 

To Capt. Heckler, I say, we are not required to let you censor HO stories. Your side is given when we reach out to you for comment. How dare you try to trample on our rights? Perhaps one day it will come to light how you rose through HPD ranks so quickly ahead of many worthier officers than you. 

Controlling the media is a tactic shared by all despots to inspire fear and keep citizens in the dark. HPD trying to brutally control what information reaches you is a worrying sign that the worst is yet to come. This is an everybody problem and not just a HO problem and we should not stand for it. Do not let HPD silence us. 

Rhys Pentewyn Jr.

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