CU Wet & Wild

aka: 'Best Butts'

By: Daiyu Tang

On the 13th June Columtreal University ‘hosted’ a ‘Wet n’ Wild’ event with sprinklers, water cannons, water pistols and plenty of other chances to get wet and soaked.

Deciding that the chance of free drinks (sponsored by Murphy’s) and a chance to cool off sounded too good to miss, I was pleasantly surprised when the Observer owner agreed to allow me to go and take photos.

With alcohol flowing (like water from the hoses) it became a good natured party pretty quickly, although like with many of the Columtreal events, the girls outnumbered the boys. The Observer thinks that some of Hathian’s more eligible men are probably missing out by not attending… it’s not like anyone checks for your student ID.

If you’re interested in attending events, keep an eye on the CU noticeboard, where students have a habit of listing whatever party is next. You can find it HERE.

Bikini Contest

With the agreement of the host of the party, Buffy, the Observer consented to take photos of most of those present so that an unofficial Observer ‘best costume’ award could be given out. If you want to vote in this contest, drop me an e-mail at ((Dai’s IC contact details)) and let me know who should win the prize of a $200 voucher! Winner is based on most votes received! Choose your contestant by number (see image captions) and let me know!

((All photos can be clicked on to expand to full size))

Group 1:

Three contestants with different looks… Maybe the ‘wet’ cowgirl has your vote? Perhaps it’s the microkini look, or the nearly invisible white number…

Group 2:

While the theme wasn’t topless, it turned out that there was a beer pong game where the loser needed to strip. The over-confident Contestant 4 lost out to Buffy…

Group 3:

While I’m not allowed to win at contest at the Observer, I’m not having Ryder complain that I photo others and not allow others to photo me. Also… is there any way El, can’t look as hot as the sun? Finally, it should be noted that Buffy is good at catching beer when thrown at her… and little bags.

Group 4:

Last but by no means least, the brave men who decided to turn up and our final bikini contestant! You can vote for the men as well!


The Observer is available to cover your event. Whether more serious, or as fun as this, reach out to one of our journalists today.

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