Birthday Party Bash

By: Daiyu Tang

Photos: Daiyu ((Please note, significant sized images. Article may be slow to load. Images can be expanded if they are in the gallery section by clicking on them – desktop PC, also some issues are cropped sadly, please check Discord for full ones))

Yesterday, 19th June 2024 I was asked to attend a birthday party (with a politely undisclosed age!) for one of the Hathian urbanites who can lay the rest of us in terms of social strata to shame, Roman Hunter.

The party was held down in the Vodou precinct and the Observer news van sticks out there like a sore thumb, although perhaps for the Hunters and the Lions and others who have made their money in Hathian it’s a good thing. You can spot the troublesome newsgirl from miles… (or hear her rust bucket approach)…

Besides from my van, I had tried hard on my dress. Copying a style from TV and accessorising uniquely, but the gowns and sparkles and rocks put me back in my box. This was more than even my (thankfully estranged) parents had. Their few millions was probably chump change here and against my Observer salary… and the rates I charge for private photography… Ouch.

The Birthday ‘Boy’

A reporter never pries into things she shouldn’t (lol) so the age of the birthday boy was not directly asked, but another year and another party it seemed. Roman, whispered by some and known by fewer to be part of a rather mercenary outfit was celebrating and with him were a range of his close friends, confidantes and others. One noticeable missing face was his son, who the Observer understands was otherwise detained and unable to make it.


The mixed diaspora of Hathian showed up; familiar faces and accents, mixed in with those who even in my years here I’ve never come across (it’s good to see some of you aren’t in trouble publicly!). Without wanting to name drop people into trouble… but if you come to a party expect to get photographed, we saw group leaders like Brandie and some of her friends, individuals known to be dark trouble makers like Tabitha and a wider gamut of the good, the bad and the (mostly not) ugly. Hathian, full of darkness and trouble, but quite a lot of beauty and… in some places little acts of kindness (thank you for my Dutch Courage Nika!).

Some of these photos show gossip, but I’m not allowed to talk about what I heard, unless it concerned me (and it didn’t) so I’m afraid those looking to hear who was with whom, who was alone, who has committed ‘Hathian’s Next Top Crime’ will need to look at photos and make their own guesses.

As usual, the Hathian Observer can be hired for your event, reach out to reporter if you wish!

The Rest Of The Best

Many thanks to all the guests for their posing and if they didn’t pose or say hello, then in some cases, because Stanley (the editor) likes it, they get their a different angle (ahem Brandie!).

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