15th & 16th April 12pm SLT onwards on both days. It's an ORDER.

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Spankys current and former staff advertising for the club.

Spankys, the famous Hathian BDSM club (also currently twinned with Cupids) is hosting an event this weekend called ‘SpankyCon’.

The management of Spankys invite all Hathian residents to an annual BDSM festival! Over the two days of the coming weekend, Saturday the 15th and Sunday the 16th of April 2023, there will be events, demonstrations and all the opportunities you’d want as citizens to explore your kinks and some of the equipment you might like to use (or have used on you!).

Setup across a range of tents each featuring different playroom equipment, visitors are sure to have an explosive… or wild… or… well, you get the idea time if they wish.

Currently management plan to have a Saturday mask, leather and lace party from 12pm SLT onwards and on Sunday the theme is Bondage Party also from 12pm SLT onwards.

So on Saturday come to the event in your best mask, leather and lace and prepare to dazzle and be dazzled by exquisite clothing and intrigue, while on Sunday all you rope bunnies out there can show off your harnesses and other bondage gear.

Security will be present at the event and the Hathian Observer will be operating a no photo without consent policy, so you can rest assured that if you spot Girl-Behind-The-Lens, she’s just as likely to be being photographed as taking them.

Taxis can be found here ((SURL))

Food, tents and machines… (and a lot more inside the tents) are ready for you.
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