All Roads Lead to Debauchery as Ancient Rome Comes to Hathian

Dressed up as if they would conquer or be conquered, a legion of Hathian citizens descended on Spankys Fetish Club, where all roads led to debauchery.

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The view over the event from a mystery submitter.
Hark! The legion has arrived in Hathian ((IC photographer would not be known))

((NPC Article – OOCLY author Daiyu Tang)).

The Observer is presently short-staffed due to the kidnapping of both Em Bundy, our videographer and Daiyu Tang our sub-editor. So when the Observer received an invite to attend Spanky’s ‘Ancient Rome’ event we were a bit unsure of who could cover it but we were sure that Daiyu and Em would have wanted us to go in their place.

Therefore taking on this great responsibility to visit the ‘notorious’ fetish club, Stanley, our editor decided to attend along with the Observer’s receptionist who took pictures for the Great Editor. Later they found the Student Observer editor Buffy also in attendance which would make for an interesting ‘office’ Christmas party later when comparing revealing outfits.

One of the stipulations for attendance was a ‘no photo’ policy which Stanley and Buffy both adhered with, however and somewhat unexpectedly photos were sent to the news desk from an unknown contributor. While we have chosen to release some of these photos, the Observer in keeping with the spirit of the agreement will not, other than for a few very well known Hathian names release details of who attended.

Patrons at the event dressed in their best costumes and enjoyed the atmosphere, design and events organised by Spankys

With that out of the way, we can cover that Stanley met with the event organiser, Zofia Lewandowska and asked her a number of questions about the event:

What was goal of the event?

Zofia: “We wanted to offer people the opportunity to play roles from ancient Rome. It was educational and people came in great costumes. They were amazing, all of them! I’m so sorry I didn’t get to talk to them all because I was busy organising and performing on stage.”

What happened on the stage?

Zofia: “We presented on stage some activities that were common in ancient Rome, such as punishing slaves and branding and later crucifying our models, but I can assure readers that everything was completely voluntary and done in an educational and entertaining way. Yes, the whipping was real, but it was gentle and there was no real branding, I had a stamp with paint for that.”

Was the event safe? Someone who was close to Spankys could hear screaming!

Zofia: “Everything was voluntary and the screaming you could hear was faked by our models, not real. I have learned to use the whip before and am good at leaving little or no marks. We are a professional fetish club; a very safe place where privacy is kept to a high standard. Our motto is Safe, Sane and Consensual. Our models actually got on real crosses, but again we used no nails, just ropes and foot rests and leather straps around the wrists which prevented most bruising. Also our staff was watching and we were ready to put them down or stop.”

Will there be move events?

Zofia: “Yes! We are planning more events and we want to show that even in a violent place like Hathian, there are ways not to behave in an evil manner but still have fun and do it safely. We want to show people a way to have kinky fun in a safe and consensual way.”

How did the event go and anything you want to close with?

Zofia: “I would like to thank everyone who helped me and who participated in the event, especially Saedi. I won’t mention names again here, but I really appreciate it, especially at a time when we some of our friends are missing, like Daiyu, it was not easy to work and not think of our them. I also want to thank everyone who has visited us and our great models and ask for any feedback. Stay safe all of you and wish you all more love!”

Zofia instructed the gathering in how to brand in a safe manner


Reporting back from the event Stanley seemed very happy and asked us to carry his impressions of the event and a few quotes he remembered.

The place was full of ancient decorations, even the chairs were in ancient style, most of the visitors had ancient costumes, but some did not because it was not compulsory. People were talking among themselves, laughing and often using old ancient words.

There was a performance on stage with two models who were on crosses, but only for a few minutes because it was obviously uncomfortable and all the while there was pleasant music and harp music throughout the event. It was a friendly place and the performance contained some educational dimensions about ancient Rome economy. Perhaps a quote would demonstrate some of that education?

Now we shall see who is the better screamer. I am placing ten denari on this slave as the one to truly break through to the gods and awaken them with her pleasant screams of pain. Any takers?

Patron at the event

Spanky’s is a professional BDSM fetish club. We seek to offer an authentic BDSM experience in a safe, sane, and consensual environment. We have staff on hand that can assist you in many ways. Please, take a look at the Spanky’s guidelines that are given upon entering the building by our staff!

Zofia – Spanky’s staff
Keyate – subject of recent CU Gossip Girl rumours was seen enjoying himself at the event!
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