The Threat Is Real

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By: Venus Mari Zapedzki

The threat from the cult organization Pueri Noctis- also known as the Children of the Night – is real. This was confirmed to the Observer by the leader of the cult in a face-to-face interview. With the blood from their last victim still drying on parchment, they found me to go on record. Refusing a photo, we found a stock image that, well… it’s sufficient.

The Observer had asked if the threat was real after a woman was found badly injured along with a manifesto claiming to be from the cult threatening mayhem on the people of Hathian.

We managed to obtain an interview with the leader of Pueri Noctis, who calls himself the “Dark Messiah” in which he admitted that both the manifesto and the attack on the woman were the responsibility of the cult. But he rejected the feeling any “guilt” when describing their actions.

The ‘Dark Messiah’ explained they thrive on on chaos and the fear they inspire. “Our culture is steeped in mysticism and a morbid fascination with blood and sacrifice. We grow our power by gifting the Dark Lord and following the path of darkness.” Their goal, he said, is to instill fear in the streets of Hathian. (Original – Ed)

He described their religion as Satanist and their cult as founded on diversity. They do not blend in, he said, and welcome all. They refer to the Pueri Noctis as a family, and he also refers to himself as ‘Head of Household’.

He went on to warn that the days of the injured woman, who survived owing to the medical attention she received, were numbered. The Observer has passed on this warning. We’re not exactly sure what she is meant to have done either. They were vague.

We are treating this cult seriously, and citizens of Hathian should take care as long as it remains active.

((OOC: Not an official faction))

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