The Graveyard Of The Wytch – Part 2

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By: Daiyu Tang

Readers, it’s been a little while since the first part of our serialisation of the adventures of Sam Smith and Rachel Wesson as they explore the potentially darker and scary side of the Columtreal Campus and surrounding areas. You can read our first part HERE, which we highly suggest you do so you can pick-up where the intrepid duo had got to before we pick-up part two below.

Remember readers, this duo videos their adventures and goes live to YouTube or other streaming services. Follow them to watch their adventures live!

Entering the Crypt

As a reminder we left them on threshold of the crypt and we now follow them inside:

As the two kit up, with UV light and EMF meter Rachel speaks directly to their live audience:

Rachel: “Hello Ghosts and Ghouls… it’s your favorite ghost hunter team, Smith and Wesson, Paranormal Investigations. We are back witches and bitches… I am standing here at the entrance of the Wytch’s Crypt… and tonight we will be going inside to seek out anything spooky and creepy. So buckle up and get ready for a fun time…”

They were joined by another CU student this time, who (at the time this was recorded) was relatively new to the campus; Laura – now an established member of the Volleyball team. Rachel ensured Laura’s long legs were a focus of the shot and then turned back to the camera.

Rachel: “This is a girl we know here on campus… she is called Laura. So be nice.. Sam Ka-blam is over there, as always a partner in crime! So the donations for the seaside kids is now up to four thousand, five hundred bucks… remember each dollar you donate goes to help the kids and one lucky winner will get to spend the day and night with Sam and myself… won’t that be fun? Over to you Sammi…”

Laura’s legs getting the focus of Rachel’s torch

Laura on stream seemed to be focused on the girls, perhaps Rachel in particular, she gave a curt wave when the camera swung to her, but it was clear, at least for now, that Rachel and Sam would be doing the ghost hunting.

Sam: “Ello all ya lovely beasts and witches. Tis I, Sam Smith coming at-cha back at the Wytch’s Graveyard.

Sam panned the camera over the gates and as expected there was the creepy sound of the gates creaking open.

Sam: “Don’t worry all ya lovelies… hells yeah.. lets get this going… and oh don’t worry about last time we were here… See! I’m all good now, no worries.”

Sam had taken a knocked lip in the last episode, but because the crew her withdrawn and then come back on a later day she was now fit again (Sam always looks fit). With a slightly gratuitous shot of her own chest she then turned the camera on Rachel.

Sam: “Yes, there she is.. closer.. Yes she is wearing nice leathers isn’t she. Lovely indeed and oh yeah watchers, what Rachel said, please be nice to Laura!”

Rachel: “Okay… so now we are in the spooky cemetery and I just heard a moan, but it is pretty windy here for some reason. Speaking of moans on the winds… the occult shop, Witch Way Alley has all your voodoo hoodoo needs… magic items for hexes and spells. If you need anything they can get it for you. Also they have a website You can order online too with fast delivery.”

A cheeky ad for the Columtreal Campus Witch Way Alley shop. It was probably appreciated, because since this investigation, Rachel had taken over WWA from the previous owner. So this serialisation comes at a good time to promote Rachel’s own business!

The camera was panned over Laura who seemed to have chilly nipples in the wind. The stream surely had a lot of ‘fan’ action and when we checked the archived live stream we could see all the likes, thumbs up and so on. Rachel walked towards the crypt door:

Rachel: “Well last time Sammi was injured so we didn’t get to go inside… we will do so now. So remember.. hit that bell icon… lick and click that like button and subscribe to our channel if you already haven’t. Rumour has it a witch was murdered here… but we still have yet to find documentation on this… but still why call it the Wytch’s Graveyard if there was nothing in here hmmm?”

Sam: “Hopefully those damned doors don’t give us issue this time. Don’t worry all you munsters, we won’t let a little haunting deter us from bringing you a little bit ghostly action…”

The three girls went to the doors, the camera panning between them as Rachel filmed. Reader, I wonder with of the three girls would be your preferred paranormal companion? I would like to think being haunted by Sam would lead to lots of ghost huggles…

Rachel: “It is always polite to announce yourself to the spirits. If not they might be in a bath or naked or something. So Sammi, when will we be picking the winner to see who gets to spend the day and night with us? I guess I have an idea on this… We pick not one… but Two Winners… one for each of us to do a special investigation and spend the whole day and night with us, that way it will give our fans more chances to win.”

Rachel enters the crypt

Laura helped the girls open the doors and they slipped inside, to find the large stone carved area within. Perhaps reader they are now ‘breaking and entering’ and parking the thought that they might be disturbing ghosts and ghouls, maybe CUPD might be interested in students entering what should be sealed or protected graves! Oh well.

Rachel swept her torch over the inside:

Rachel: “I swear I am seeing more shadow play here then last time… like something has this area riled up.”

I mean if I was a ghost, then three semi-dressed CU students coming to disturb my rest might get me worked up? I mean, presently, what was the different between ‘paranormal investigators’ and students looking for a place to party? Perhaps the cameras and EMF reader, but would a ghost really know that?

With Rachel focusing on Laura’s butt as she filmed for a bit, the fans were going wild. Laura’s muscly build, combined with Sam and Rachel’s efforts got the work done. Some user on their livestream asked for them to get naked and Rachel retorted quickly:

“Yes both of them are cute… and no they are not getting naked for you, spankboi3945… you perv!”

Rachel to her live stream

Sam: “Wh.. what did he say? N..naked? Oh no, sorry, that ain’t gonna happen. Rachel… Ya said earlier ya saw shadows right? Thought I saw a… shadow bastard over there…”

We at the Observer aren’t quite sure what a ‘shadow bastard’ is, but this photo was pulled from the stream:

Is this a ‘Shadow Bastard’ or a trick of the light, or some fancy live stream editing to entice viewers?

Sam: “Now, remember all ya munsters, don’t f’rget ta time stamp in the comments anything ya see out of the ordinary that we may miss!”

This appeal to the viewers was a good tactic and the stream was filled with comments suggesting that everything from Laura’s legs to Rachel’s chest were ‘monsters’ that needed defeating. Fanboys…. sigh.

Rachel: “Wow this place has not had anyone inside for years… what do you think fans? If you see something I do not give me a shout in chat with a time stamp…”

A moan (or the wind) came out of the crypt. Rachel was looking brave and seemed determined to go first, exploring and poking around. Her EMF meter wasn’t showing anything so… it seemed safe. Although as Rachel entered, cobwebs disgorged a few spiders into her hair that sent the fans crazy, for a moment the girls thought they had seen something actually spooky… spiders are a bit yuck, but not spooky and it didn’t appear that Rachel was an arachnophobe.

Rachel: “What is it fans why all the scream emojis and look at what? And so fans here we are inside the Wytch’s Crypt… and…stupid cobwebs…”

A spider was sent through the air by Rachel flicking it. It promptly landed on Sam who also dealt with it well. These girls are made of stern stuff!

Rachel: “Oh how cute look at all the wee ones, they are here in masses… you know what that means fans? Insects gather in a large clusters when there is a spirit nearby, they tend to do the spirits bidding. Which means.. that is why my EMF meter is full red.”

Her camera focused on a corner where maybe, maybe, just maybe there was a shadow? Readers you can make your mind up, but at least on camera (and perhaps as a good actress?) Rachel showed some trepidation.

Rachel: “Shit Sam, do you see that in the corner… a Ghost? Umm set up the gear in that salt circle… Use the Para4ce and the spirit box, time to ask some questions.”

A possible ‘Shadow Bastard’ in the corner illuminated by Rachel’s torch

Sam: “Well we know it isn’t a fluke if both of ours are playin’ in the red. Salt circle, got it… Remember viewer, when we talked about the importance of salt? That’s right… Salt placed in a circle is used as a ring of protection against evil. As long as the ring isn’t broken, then the protection is there. Let me know if ya see a break in it.. we might fix it up then.”

Sam poured salt around them into the circle for the protection they believed it gave and Rachel put the spirit box on

P-SB7 Spirit Box: Static with a distorted child girl’s voice – “It’s the light.”

Rachel: “Um.. Sam there was suppose to be only one ghost down here… there are three… and this activity is ramped up since that Masquerade Ball. Like that play the Order of the Silver Circle put on for the crowds there… to welcome Samhain… something feels off and… I feel it.”

She stepped back into the salt circle as the spirit box crackles with a childs voice…

Rachel: “It’s the light? What is the light… or who?”

Rachel stumbled to the ground, dramatics or something else? The viewers seemed to be telling her to run! Maybe they just wanted bouncing ass, but many of them seemed genuinely worried for the girls!

P-SB7 Spirit Box: Static with a distorted woman’s voice“Watch”

[00:24] Unseen Entity lowers the temperature as those inside can see their breath, it had pushed Rachel and a wind would swirl about Laura as something touched her shoulder the touch was cold but it felt like a hand. Laura made it into the circle as the unseen hand would pull back.

Sam: “Really? No, that’s not right.. There is only suppose ta be one.. Rachel… Watch.. Watch what? There are three bloody shadow spirits out there n’ what.. they want us ta watch?”

P-SB7 Spirit Box: Static with a distorted child girl’s voice“Help”

Laura didn’t seem to be phased at all. Whatever distorted voices, wind or fear the other girls had, she ignored (at least on camera) her eyes instead focused on Rachel. It was a case of crush over cowering and even the viewers on the channel could see that Laura had eyes for Rachel now. Various of the instruments the girls had brought were going a bit ‘wild’, EMF, the Spirt Box obviously and some kind of device that recorded movement.

Rachel: “Well fans.. clearly something is wrong here, do we continue or make a break for the exit… vote on this poll!”

Ever the social media champion she got a poll up and while waiting for a result was using her equipment, some kind of thermal goggles perhaps…

Rachel: “Are you a demon in the disguise of a little girl here to trick us into making a mistake? I mean, do we step out of the salt circle and you trade in your pigtails and little dolly for horns and a pitchfork?”

P-SB7 Spirit Box: Static with a distorted child girl’s voiceByeByeByeBye

Sam: “I think the poll is move towards us getting out of here. Bye.. What does she mean bye.., Well, that was interesting.. do ya think it was really a little girl? Or something more sinister in disguise, chat?”

Standing in the circle, ‘shadows’ around them the girls claimed salt would protect

Rachel: “Yeah very interesting. The polls are for us to go.. pack it up Sam, we are getting out of here. I took shots of the three ghosts… well fans… we are ending this here, clearly the spirits are not happy, someone most be making them angry and that is why the ghost said bye… not sure who it could be but that is sad that some can be closed minded and non-believers. Okay ghosts and ghouls, stay spooky out there and let us know where you want us to investigate next… is the Wytch’s Graveyard haunted? Yes, most definitely it is…”

Sam: “Well, ya heard Rachel, folks.. Looks like we’ll be signin’ off on this place. Ya saw what happened in part one, now ya know what is down here n’ part two.. Till next time all ya little munsters… Take care and do enjoy y’rself a wonderful Halloween, cause ya know that’s coming up…”

The three girls left, the two investigators and their door opening companion… had they found something, had they been pranked, had they set it up themselves? Without encouraging law breaking… there’s always places to explore around the University… what will you find? If you find something creepy… tell us about it reader…

The end of part 2… will there be a part 3? If Observer readers like this, then let us know and we’ll get to work on a new series with Smith and Wesson!

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