Party and Fight Night: Safe Fun or Madness

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by Zofia Lewandowska

I came from Poland two years ago and I know that there are two very popular sports in Central Europe. Football and hockey. Boys lose interest in girls when it comes to these sports and I doubt Carly with her advice and even offering her great ‘skills’ (BJ) would change that.

We are in Hathian, USA and I found it a big difference from my home country. People in this city play different sports and do them on the streets and everywhere. What kind of sports I am talking about. It is fighting and hitting each other with bare hands or other objects. Is that crazy? It might be, but that’s the reality. It’s all about violence and adrenaline and maybe there’s something evil lurking in the whole foundation of this place. I can’t change it, no one can (We should try – Ed), but fortunately there are activities that move such activities off the streets and into a more regulated and safer environment. The gym, the training sessions and the fighting tournaments.

So, about one fighting tournaments and a party…

The Meeting

How does the story begin? It was Friday the 13th, during the time of the Purge, and I was a little afraid to go out. But then, I got a text from Piper inviting me to their barbecue. It’s always nice to be invited somewhere!

I decided to hoping that they would have grilled vegetables (the healthy choice) and so walked from the campus to Hathian holding my baseball bat and pepper spray, On the way to town I met a car with Piper and her friend Deli, they told me “Zofia, get in the car, you’ll be safe with us!” They promised me safety and protection against Purge, so I got in the car. It was more sensible than staying outside alone, especially when a group of strangers appeared nearby, with one holding a scythe.

We drove around town in the car and talked about different things and I learned a few new words I’d never heard before. I won’t write them here because it might not pass censorship (BJ got in… -Ed).

Eventually we arrived at a place under construction, a site Hathian has hundreds of. I cannot say more about the location as it is still secret and it will be revealed at the right time. We left the car and walked to the middle of the area and I won’t lie, I was scared to be in a place like that with them. Fortunately, I soon found out the reason for the visit and that reason was not to pour me into the concrete which made up the foundation!

The Place and Plans

Because I didn’t end in concrete they could tell me about their plans. The place will become a big party during Halloween with a fight competition. And now, do you remember the beginning of my article? About Hathian sport? Yes! Fighting tournament with Halloween twists and themes! A more regulated place with medics who might help these who might become wounded or injured. A party with music, food and fights and banned weapons… It really all sounds good, but readers you will still need to be careful and keep your eyes open if you decide to visit the place! Keep in mind that the area is under gang control and the information I have obtained may not be true.

What does it all mean? For all those who miss the fight, I have great news. You can join the contest, they’re looking for volunteers ((OOC: Note that sadly during the time the Observer was down, this event was cancelled so this article is for records and interest only)). If you’re interested, contact Delinda Ryan on her burner phone number below!

But it doesn’t end there, I decided to get more information for you and asked Piper, leader of the Rejects, for an interview…


Zofia: “Hello Piper, thank you for finding time for our interview. Would you mind me to ask you few questions?”

Piper: “You can ask whatever you want. I’ll answer if I wanna.”

Zofia: “Thank you, Piper. I appreciate it. Let’s talk about the party you and your friends are planning. What’s the main motivation and why did you decide to have it, why on Halloween?”

Piper: “It ain’t a party, it’s a fight club. We have em all the time, this one just happens to be round on Halloween. Who don’t wanna just punch Spiderman?”

Does Piper like Spider-man? (Zofia’s comment)

Zofia: “I understand that, Piper. Can we expect other activities, something for those who don’t like to fight? What can visitors expect?”

Piper: “I dunno why you’d come to fight club if you don’t like fighting, but there’s betting, if folks into that. One time though. We had a guy with a hot dog truck set up, that was legit. Don’t got that contact anymore though. Need to find someone with a smoker, pull some bbq. That be sweet.”

Zofia: “I see, thank you. It’s too bad you don’t have anyone to do BBQ. People don’t seem to be interested in meat these days. I recommend setting up vegetarian tables Piper. Is the safety of the visitors and the safety of those who will be fighting assured?”

Piper: “The fuck are you talking bout everybody loves BBQ. Ain’t no veggies at fight night. Definitely fucking not. We fighting… No weapons but I ain’t searching your pockets. HPD shows up sometimes to bash skulls, so no it ain’t fuckin safe. That’s why it’s fun!”

From that moment on, I was really nervous. But I made every effort to remain professional and to continue the interview for you. So, my dear readers, I have moved on from the topic of fight night to the gang itself.

Zofia: “I understand. Thank you, Piper. So it could be dangerous to attend your fight party? Aren’t you afraid no one will come? And how long have you been with the Rejects, and do you enjoy being with them? I hear gangs can be like family.”

More answers might come later…


It is entirely up to everyone’s discretion whether they attend the party. In fact, it’s hosted by Rejects, dangerous gang in town and I wouldn’t normally recommend meeting them. But a public party is the exception, and maybe the Rejects want to show their better side?

When: 7pm

Where: Will be revealed in time

Who: Delinda Ryan (koto.mohindi) at 555-7129

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